Report on NWG at SWG today with NWG girls Winners and SWG boys Winners:NWG girls led by Kitley, Gauldin and Womack/Lamberth helps lift Cowboys past Vikings

Final from Marietta, Georgia:Greensboro Day School boys 56, Wheeler High School 36
GDS(24-3) and at home vs. Wesleyan Christian Academy this coming Tuesday….
Western Guilford boys 70, North Forsyth 66

Finals from today’s high school basketball over at Southwest Guilford High School, in High Point:
Northwest Guilford girls 52, Southwest Guilford 51
Elizabeth Kitley with 19 points for Northwest, Lindsay Gauldin had 18 and Sandra Wommack had 10 to pace Northwest to the win…Vikings won the game despite the fact that they were without the services of their leading scorer, Cayla King….King out for now with bruised ribs…Southwest led in scoring by Lauren Carter with 22 points and Lashonda Monk had 13….
End of the 1st Q:SWG 16, NWG 11…Halftime:SWG 30, NWG 26…End of 3rd Q:SWG 41, NWG 39…Final:NWG 52, SWG 51…
More on this game on the way…

Southwest Guilford boys 88, Northwest Guilford 86
Brandon Lamberth with 27 points for SWG, plus Kobe Langley had 18 points and Keyshaun Langley posted 14…Eight points each for Dezmond Woods and Ty Radford, while Christian Martin added 7 and Kameron Langley chipped in 6…
For Northwest Guilford it was Thomas Hennigan with 24 points to lead the Vikings and Jalen Spicer goes for 18 points, Reggie Davis had 15, Jacob Davis 12, Matt Rakes 6, Thomas Smith 3 and Christian Hampton had 2…
*****For Jalen Spicer, of Northwest Guilford, he hit the 1,000th point of his high school basketball career today and we say Congrats to him, on reaching that milestone….Spice Man also with over 500 assists in his NWG Vikings’ career….*****
End of 1st Q:NWG 21, SWG 20…Halftime:NWG 45, SWG 33…End of 3rd Q:SWG 59, NWG 58…Final:SWG 88, NWG 86…
No Tre Turner for NWG today and he is out with broken bone in his right hand….

Just a few more notes on today’s games and here are some thoughts I was sharing earlier in one of the comment boxes…..
No matter who was available and who wasn’t available, those were two very good games today….

NWG girls pulled it out and there is no way most thought they had a chance without Cayla King and then when Lindsay Gauldin got hurt at one point, you had two freshman in the Viking backcourt, in Thalia Carter and Abigal Rose…

But Gauldin came back and BOY did she come back and she had an excellent game…Little Lindsay came up big today and Sandra Wommack with 10 points, man she was going crazy hitting pull-up base line shots, like she had been reading the old ABA handbook….And SWG could not drive the lane because they were worried Liz Kitley would block their shots and she got her fare share of blocked shots today and I really want to know how many rebounds Liz had, it seemed like she was tearing up the boards…

SWG was forced to settle for mostly outside shots and some of the pull-up shots they got without going all the way to rim…

I don’t know everything about basketball and I know for a fact the coaches know more about it than we do, but I thought SWG might have Monk try and go one-on-one with her defender, who was a freshman and try and take…Late in the game, Monk’s defender only had one foul….I felt like the senior could take the freshman, but SWG had other ideas and they were two points away from still pulling it off and this is a very big win for Northwest…

When you consider with King down, that is minus 15 points right there and today, Gauldin and Wommack made up for the King’s absence…Gauldin and Wommack were HUGE for NWG today in my opinion and Kitley is huge for them every day and that is just the way it is….Lindsay coming back after hurting her knee and she had three three’s and she was the only Viking to hit a three…And one more time, you have to give part of the game to Sandra Wommack, I have never seen her play before, like she was playing out there today….Every team that faces NWG is going to have it rough and hard trying get past and trying to get inside against Liz Kitley…She is coming into her own now and her game has risen high and beyond this year over last….Never underestimate the abilities or what this Northwest Guilford team can do…Should put them at around (17-2), and coming off last year’s trip to the final game, not too many fans thought you/we would see them right back her in the mix again in 2017…They didn’t rebuild, they reloaded and re-evaluated their strengths and weakness and so far it looks like a good read….

Excellent shooting by Lauren Carter from SWG today…She has a nice touch and smooth shot….I really like her game and she is a player for the Cowgirls…Following Carter with her 22 and Monk with 13 you had Faith Price with 9, Jasmine Wilson with 3 and Bryant and Briley with 2 each….NWG following Kitley with 19, Gauldin with 18 and Womack with 10 you had Bria Gibbs with 4 and Thalia Carter with 1…SWG will need to get more from Price and Wilson if they are to make a long run in the 4-A’s again this season….I saw Price and Shaniya Jones matching up in the Sheetz Tourney back at Christmas and Price can hang with Jones most of the time and she can hang with Jones, Price can match up with just about anybody around when her day is right….

On the boys side this was a night where SWG’s Brandon Lamberth was finishing shots around the basket and up around the rim and if has games like this one 9 games-ou-of-ten, then SWG will win a lot of games….SWG needs Lamberth to be their Big and he was that and just a little bit more tonight/Saturday…Was very impressed with Ty Radford popping those three’s and the work turned in by Woods and Martin, coming in off of the SWG Cowboys’ bench…Those three kids, Radford, Woods and Martin were a big part of the reason why SWG walked off the court, or in some cases, ran off the court a Winner tonight…..The Langleys are always there for you…It is almost like they perfect attendance and when you think they are there they still give you 18, 14, and 6 points and plenty of assists and rebounds to go with it….With what the K kids did tonight that is 38 points and you add in Lamberth’s 27 and that is getting it done to tune of 65 points of your 88 right there and it tells you the 23 that Woods, Radford and Martin had were right on time too….65 and 23 and there is your show right there….

Thomas Hennigan carried Northwest Guilford in the first half, scoring 18 of his game-total 24 points, but Thomas got into some foul trouble and in the second half he became a spectator for a while, but never fear for NWG, they had Jalen Spicer ready to drive to the hole and Reggie Davis was ready with a strong three and an even stronger dunk, that he just flushed….Also for NWG, it had to be one of the more solid nights for Jacob Davis…The big man found his game was clicking and was sticking in buckets coming from 2-3 feet of the basket and he hit for what might be a career-high of 12 points…Not a real bull in the china shop, Jacob Davis plays a steady game with nothing real fancy coming from him, just good old school blue collar take and make-it basketball…Spicer was on his dribble drive tonight maybe like never before and when he saw the door to the basket, it didn’t matter if it was closed or open, he opened it and in the second half, Jalen Spicer could not be stopped and he could not be held in check….Many of those NWG Viking players chose the best night, to have their best game of the year and with Tre Turner missing with the broken hand, it was all hands on Deck and kids like Hennigan, Spicer, both Davis kids, even Matt Rakes and David Funderburg, they all responded….

The Southwest Guilford Cowboys missed a stagecoach load of Free Throws in the first half, but when it was time to seal the win and victory capsule, the Langleys, Lamberth and their Cowboy Company hit what they had to hit to get the “W’…..

Both teams for the boys made it look good tonight and if you wanted close games, you couldn’t ask for more than what we saw tonight, with 53-51 in the first game and 88-86 in the second game and if you missed these games, you better check your Time Warner Cable listings and find out when they are showing the REPLAY and what day it is running….

We are quickly running out of space here and if we don’t quit soon, they might start calling this thing a book instead of a blog, so we will let it roll and close by saying it was another good night to be headed down Highway 68 into the land of basketball in the Southwest Guilford Territory……

Game Report/Box Score/Game Notes on the NWG-SWG Boys game….
–In a very entertaining high school contest, Northwest and Southwest Guilford played a brand of basketball that was made for TV.

In the Time Warner Cable broadcast, the Vikings withstood the early onslaught from the Cowboys and ended the 1st quarter with a slim 21-20 advantage.

The 2nd quarter featured great execution from the Vikings and led to a 12-point lead at the half.

Southwest came out on a mission in the 3rd and put the pressure on and ended the quarter on top at 59-58.

The game went back and forth down the stretch and in the end, Southwest capitalized on a few miscues by the Vikings and eked out an 88-86 victory.

–Thomas Henningan finished with 24 points and 7 rebounds while Jalen Spicer contributed a double-double with 18 points and 10 assists to go with 4 rebounds. Reggie Davis also added a double-double of his own with 15 points and 10 rebounds in addition to his 6 assists. Jacob Davis netted 12 points and 6 rebounds.

–Southwest Guilford was led by Brandon Lamberth with 27 points. Kobe Langley and Keyshaun Langley finished with 18 and 14 points respectively.

					1st		2nd		3rd		4th 
NORTHWEST GUILFORD			21		24		13		28
SOUTHWEST GUILFORD			20		13		26		29

Thomas Hennigan 24; J. Spicer 18; Reggie Davis 15; Jacob Davis 12; Matt Rakes 6; David Funderberg 6; Thomas Smith 3; Christian Hampton 2
Brandon Lamberth 27; Kobe Langley 18; Keyshaun Langley 14; Christian Martin 9; Ty Radford 8; Kam Langley 6; Dez Woods 6

Submitted by:Northwest Coaching Staff/Guest Columnist


  1. Two good games as always!! I was disappointed with the way our girls melted in the last minute but when you’re dealing with 15-18 year old kids you should expect that. See ya at Northwest!!

  2. Great game. Amazing performance by Gauldin, who played point in King’s absence. SW had the game won, but seemed not to know what to do to finish with a minute left. NW definitely out coached SW during clutch time. Normally solid Monk had a costly turnover inbounding the ball that swung it for NW. Carter had her best game of the season, dead eyed from three. Can’t wait to watch the rematch…

  3. Coach Randy Tuggle over at Greensboro College better go ahead and get Lindsay Gauldin to sign her “Little Lindsay Letter of Intent”…..

    Others might come calling.

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