No More Tickets will be Sold:Wesleyan Christian Academy at Greensboro Day for Tuesday has SOLD OUT!!!

The game is a SELL OUT…..No More Tickets will be Sold for the Wesleyan Christian Academy at Greensboro Day School basketball game set for this Tuesday Night…Girls at 5:30 and the boys at around 7pm and this game is SOLD OUT!!!

Do not inquire about or seek to buy any more Tickets, again, THIS GAME HAS SOLD OUT!!!

If you don’t have a ticket, you won’t be getting in to see this game on Tuesday night….


  1. What are your predictions? This will be a tough game for GDS. HPCA could struggle if GDS can force them to run their half court offense. Which players could be the difference makers?

  2. The GDS game is with Wesleyan and not HPCA. HPCA is way down compared to last year , have already lost to Wesleyan twice, once by 11 and other by 30. Wesleyan is big , have a lot of size. Bet GDS slows game down.
    @Andy Are they still taking State Coaches passes to get in game ?

  3. Will have to check on the coaches passes being allowed, but I will try and inquire and see what we can find out….

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