Back in November Piedmont Classical School 71-61 over Page:Tonight Page tops PCS 69-67/King-size game for Jahlen King with 32 points

Page vs. Piedmont Classical
Final:Page boys 69, Piedmont Classical School 67

Page: Q1-19 Q2-38 Q3-50 Final-69

Elijah Short-11 (5 rebounds, 3 assist, 3 steals)
Trent McIntyre- 6 (5 rebounds, 5 assist)
Jordan Smith-2
Jahlen King-32 (8 rebounds, 6 assist, 3 steals)
Will Jones-16 (12 rebounds, 5 assist)

Piedmont Classica: Q1- 18 Q2-36 Q3-54 Q4-67
Ev. Joyner-1
S. Moore-10
T. Mayo- 20
B. Free-13
E. Cheek-3
N. Leake-2
A. Dalton-4
E. Joyner-2
N. Dunn-12


  1. Interesting foul called by the ref with 3 secs on the clock tied 67-67 ~ 30 feet from the basket. It was a very irresponsible call. Looks like the refs were in a hurry to get home. Horrible way to end a very entertaining game.

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