Northern Guilford High School Softball Pre-Season Indoor Hitting Clinic 2017:Saturday February 11th

Northern Guilford High School Softball Pre-Season Indoor Hitting Clinic 2017
Saturday February 11th
9:00 – 11:00 am
1st-8th graders
Northern High School Auxiliary Gym
Please bring equipment
(Bat/Batting Gloves /Helmet)
(Indoor shoes only, no cleats)

Please complete the form below and mail with payment, by FEB 8th, otherwise bring form and pay at the door, to:
Northern Guilford High School
Attn: Softball Coach Dorrell
7101 Spencer Dixon Rd. Greensboro, NC 27455
*Checks made payable to Northern Athletic Booster Club*
*Amount: $20 (Cash or Check)* (Can pay at the door)
“These materials/statements/programs are not endorsed by GCS nor do they represent the district’s position or policy.”
Registration Form
Player Name: _______________________________________________
Experience _____________________ Age ____
Parent/Guardian name: ________________________________________
Home phone: ________________ Cell phone: _________________
The undersigned hereby acknowledges the participation in this clinic and related activities constitutes an
inherent risk of injury, and the undersigned on behalf of the applicant, hereby assumes all such risk and
does hereby release and forever discharge the clinic and all staff and agents thereof from any and all
liability of whatever kind of nature arising from and by reason of any kind and all known and unknown
damage to property, and the consequences resulting from participating in this clinic, including and defect
in equipment or in premises.
____________________________________________ ______________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date:
Cash ________
Check # ________