Greensboro Day School Sweeps HP Christian on 2017 Homecoming Night – Wyatt Smith Reporting


1Q: HPCA-  5  GDS-  15

2Q: HPCA-  11  GDS-  28

3Q: HPCA-  15  GDS-  45

4Q: HPCA-  28  GDS-  50


The Greensboro Day School girls basketball team beat High Point Christian Academy by a final score of 50-28 on Friday night at Greensboro Day. The Bengals scoring was led by Chloe Brewington who scored 12 points, Mahlon Brady who scored 10, and Gloria Smith added 7. The Cougars were led in scoring by Skylar Talbert who scored 8 points, with Syndney Bell and Riley Barrett contributing 6 points apiece.

Greensboro Day School improves to (12-13) overall and (1-1) in the conference with the victory. HPCA drops to (2-11) and (0-3) with the loss.


Skylar Talbert: 8 pts

Syndney Bell: 6 pts

Riley Barrett: 6 pts

Ally Powell: 4 pts

Hannah Seamon: 2 pts


Chloe Brewington: 12 pts

Mahlon Brady: 10 pts

Gloria Smith: 7 pts

Alexandra Harris: 5 pts

Madison Head: 4 pts

Lauren Whitley: 3 pts

Maddy Murdock: 3 pts

Brooke Becker: 1 pt



J.P. Moorman and Solomon Smith, as they have all season long, led Greensboro Day School to a 69-51 win over High Point Christian Academy at Greensboro Day School on Friday night.

The Bengals played solid defense in the first half, holding High Point Christian to six points at the end of the first and 16 at half. High Point Christian’s Jalen Seegars and Kyle Watkins were the source of the Cougars’ offense in the first half, as they struggled mightily to get the ball inside and settled for long-range jumpers.

The Bengals were in for a surprise when the third quarter began, however, as Seegars led a HP Christian comeback that would shave the Greensboro Day lead to a mere eight points before the Bengals scored seven quick points in the last minute of the third to pull back ahead by 15.

Greensboro Day head coach Freddy Johnson implored Moorman and Smith for help to shut down Seegars.

“We had J.P. and Solomon help out more,” Johnson said. “We told them to go ‘dump and stuff’ instead of staying with their man.”

The two seniors answered the call and held Seegars to just two points in the fourth quarter.

“My main focus was to put some doubt in (Seegars’) mind when he wanted to drive and make sure he knew that there wasn’t going to be a clear lane to the basket for an easy lay-up,” the Bengals’ J.P. Moorman said.

Moorman’s knowledge of the Cougars’ star’s game, from playing with him this summer on an AAU team, was “big”, he said.

The Bengals dominated the first four minutes of the fourth quarter before Johnson called a timeout and the Bengals’ reserves played the remaining four minutes.

“I think that we did a really good job in the first half, defensively, and that we did a better job of running the court and moving the ball,” Johnson said of the win.

Johnson called Smith the Bengals “stopper” on defense, noting his ability to take a charge.

J.P. Moorman finished with 18 points to lead the Bengals and Solomon Smith added 14. The Bengals’ Will Dillard also reached double-digit scoring with 10.

Jalen Seegars was the game’s, and High Point Christian’s, leading scorer with 20 points. The only other Cougar to score more than 10 was Reece Bogan who notched 11 in the loss.

The Cougars are now (16-7) overall and (1-2) in the PACIS following the loss on Friday night. Greensboro Day improves to (25-3) overall and (2-0) in conference play.

1Q: HPCA-  6  GDS-  16

2Q: HPCA-  16  GDS-  32

3Q: HPCA-  34  GDS-  49

4Q: HPCA-  51  GDS-  69


Jalen Seegars: 20 pts

Reece Bogan: 11 pts

Tyeren Melton: 7 pts

De’Shaun Taylor: 5 pts

Lance Boykin: 3 pts

Cole Watkins: 3 pts

Dre Davis: 2 pts


J.P. Moorman: 18 pts

Solomon Smith: 14 pts

Will Dillard: 10 pts

Jordan Perkins: 9 pts

John Newman: 8 pts

Mike Fowler: 5 pts

Adam Lovelace: 2 pts

Pearce Landry: 2 pts