Busy day at the Guilford College Sports Complex on the Quaker Campus

They had baseball, basketball and lacrosse all going at the same time today on the Guilford College campus and on the baseball diamond the final score we got was:
Guilford Technical Community College Titans 16
Guilford College Quakers 6

Grand Slam HR for GTCC’s Alex Pickerell and that is what his teammates told me his name was…I was watching baseball for several innings and then left to go watch basketball where Tom Palumbo’s Quaker men’s team was up 65-51 on the last score that I was able to grab and we saw former Northwest Guilford Viking Jaylen Gore in there for the Guilford College Quakers, on this Saturday afternoon …The Virginia Wesleyan Marlins would make a run with some threes, but Guilford would answer with a two or a three of their own…Guilford in control, as we had to roll today after slipping into the Ragan-Brown Field House for some Quaker basketball…(Used to love to slip into the old Alumni Gym and play Saturday night basketball back in the day, when you could slip in and play.)

Left the basketball and came back and took in some more baseball and from what have been hearing, the same two teams, the Guilford College Quakers and the GTCC Titans will be meeting again for another 9-inning game on Sunday afternoon, at the Stuart Maynard Baseball Field….

Guilford Men’s Lacrosse was also rolling on the Quaker campus today and then when the men were done, they women had practice…..

Again, a very busy day at the Guilford College Sports Complex…..