“Monday in the Middle”/Middle School Basketball Today in Guilford County:FINALS coming in/on the way in(Send yours in)

Kernodle Middle School girls 57, Northern Guilford Middle 50 (OT)
Eastern Guilford Middle School girls 37, Southeast Guilford Middle 25
EG(11-1)….EG boys winners over SEG…
Kiser Middle School girls 31, Northeast Guilford Middle 15
Kiser Middle School boys 52, Northeast Guilford 45

Kiser Middle School boys(8-1)…
Northwest Middle School girls 45, Jamestown Middle 34
Northwest Guilford Middle School boys 48, Jamestown Middle 44
Mendenhall Middle School boys 74, Southern Guilford Middle 37
Mendenhall(11-0) and Aycock(10-0) now and they will meet in a non-conference game next Monday at Mendenhall..
Finals and be sure to add yours to what we have here….
Aycock Middle School girls 35, Guilford 13
Halftime:Aycock boys 29, Guilford 2…Say around 13 points for Aycock’s Ayden Gamble at halftime…Aycock has a real tall one in Williams, at 6’4/6’5 and the ball got stuck behind the top of the basket and he grabbed the side/top of the basket/behind the rim, pulled himself up and knocked the ball loose and I don’t think anyone else could have done that….Good jumper and good climber…
Last game basketball game ever in the old Aycock School Gym…Next year, the school will be known as Swann Middle School, named after former Guilford County educator and N.C. A&T football announcer, Mel Swann….
Now on the way to Page for the Varsity games….

Games for today and a couple of things to keep an eye are the Mendenhall boys and the Aycock boys, both at (9-0) from what we have been hearing and they are due to meet next Monday at Mendenhall, in what would be a NC/Non-Conference Game, but that should be a BIG one we have been hearing about Kernodle and from what we hear, they have a guard or two to keep an eye on with Kernodle at Northern today….We were also hearing about a 6’5 young man from Northwest last week and we saw Diamond Monroe and her EG team at Mendenhall last Monday((Frazier re-joined EG last Thursday at St. Pius) and it is hard to think, that was already a week ago, seems like maybe it was last Thursday for EG at Mendenhall, but the time is moving on and soon it will be time for Alan Hooker’s Annual Boys and Girls Middle School All-Star Games and the middle schools will have their Conference Tournament the week of February 13th….

Girl’s Highlights for you from the Kernodle Middle School Cougars defeating the Northern Guilford Nighthawks in Overtime, 57-50….
By halftime Kernodle was down by 16 points; With 1:50 minutes left in the 4th quarter, they brought it within 1 point with a 3 point shot by Hailey Blackwell (point guard). Northern started to slip away bringing their lead to 6…..
With 7.5 seconds left on the clock Blackwell was fouled and hits 1 of her 2 free throws tying the game and going into OT….Kernodle defeated Northern 57-50.

Hailey Blackwell had 30 points and we also found out today, she is the point guard for the 8th grade Lady Gators team.

Here is what we see/have for today, and I’m leaning toward going over to Aycock today…..
**Monday, January 30, 2017
Hairston @ Welborn
Allen @ Jackson
Ferndale @ Penn Griffin
Allen Jay @ Lincoln


  1. NW boys over Jamestown in a tough win 48-44, 6’6 Noah Allred with 25pts With very clutch free throws and got 12 reb with it. To put his team on his back and carry out the dub to stay undefeated in conference play!

  2. Kernodle Girls defeated Northern OT: 57-50
    Lead by Hailey Blackwell -30 pts
    Jaelyn Neas- 2
    Sophie Lindsey- 2
    Ava Cowles- 3
    Mackenzie Davis- 2
    Lauren Sells- 10
    Grace Gilbert- 6
    Cori McMillan- 2

  3. Blackwell, Diamond Monroe, Mariah Frazier and Isis of Mendenhall all play on the same Lady Gaters Basketball team.

  4. Andy, that score for the NW girls vs Jamestown girls is incorrect, it should be NW 45 Jamestown 34. NW girls are undefeated and have Northern & Kernodle left this year.

  5. Yes, we got NWG and Jamestown corrected and if the score was like we had it, they would be in OT right now…

    Anybody get a final on Aycock and Guilford??? Feel certain that Aycock won, but was wondering on the final score…

    NWG girls, Kernodle girls, EG girls, who are all of the top girls teams and boys we know for sure about Aycock and Mendenhall and NWG and who else on that side of the court…Kiser boys at I think (8-1) right there among the front-runners….

    Is Johnnie Richardson still coaching the boys at Kernodle??? And how are they doing?

    We have them covered but could always use more info…

  6. Eastern Guilford girls won 37-25 over Southeast led by Diamond Monroe with 14 and Soniya Kimsey with 12. They are now 11-1 on the season only loss is against St Pius. The Eastern Guilford boys won also not sure of the score led by Kamel Smith with 14 and Kadyn Dawkins with 14. Andy I said it before the cream of the crop for boys is Aycock and Mendenhall and don’t think any other team is close. Wish they could get the winners of each conference and play tournament that way also or someone set up a end of the year jamboree.

  7. One of the conferences had a Championship Meeting last year over at Southwest Guilford and it was NWG vs. Jamestown in the girls and Kernodle vs. Southwest in the boys and I’m pretty sure the Winners were NWG for the girls and Kernodle for the boys….

    Alan Hooker’s Middle School All-Star Games will be coming up on a Saturday night later on in February and they should be playing the games this year at either Smith or Dudley….Have been at Smith most of the time…Saw Jordan Perkins, Reggie Davis, Jalen Spicer, David Funderburg, Brion Seagraves, Hendon Hooker and bunch of the area kids in that game a few years back and you should see a lot of kids that have been named on this site in the games this year….All of the Kargo kids played in that game….Cayla King and Liz Kitley too…

  8. The conference that makes up NW, Kernodle, Northern, Jamestown and Southwest Middle Schools will play a conference tournament this year. It will be held at NW and start on 2/13, with Championship games being held on Friday 2/17.

  9. NWMS’s Noah Allred poured in 25 points and Micah Salmon added 13 in their come from behind win at Jamestown MS on Monday.

  10. Kernodle boys are 9-3 currently. Yes Coach Richardson is still coaching the boys. They finish the season with Southeast Thursday and a big conference game against Northwest on Monday. Both games are at Kernodle.

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