Player who thought he would NEVER play college football WILL play college football and for the Guilford College Quakers

Caleb Bellamy, from Providence High School in Charlotte, was so sure he would never play football again after high school, he wrote a “Letter to High School Football”, on a Friday, right before his last high school game and here is what that letter looks like coming in from a Langston Wertz Jr.’s post at the Charlotte Observer on-line…..

“I know I’ll miss playing high school football,” Bellamy wrote, “the feeling of walking into school on a Friday morning, or walking in on a Monday after a win. I don’t have any college offers right now, so this could be my last game. It kind of makes me nervous. Football’s always been there for me and I don’t know how it’s going to be without it in my life. I’m going to miss it a lot.”
(That is just part of the emotional letter and you can read the rest of it when you CLICK HERE, for:Dear football, I’m gonna miss you)

Here is the rest of the ‘Rest of the Story’ and what turned out to be a happy ending….
Bellamy didn’t sign on last Wednesday’s National Signing Day when so many other high school football players signed with colleges. He turned down four other offers he had. But on Friday, Bellamy signed to play football at Guilford College, a Division III school in Greensboro.

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Caleb Bellamy is a defensive back…..