Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford HS) “Throwing the rock/basketball Down”!!!

CLICK HERE and you will see what I just saw for the first time this afternoon and WOW!, this is the BIG STUFF….And it is a stuff/dunk, as Elissa Cunane, Class of 2018 from Northern Guilford High School, is throwing down the Rock/Basketball and you need to see this…

Hard to watch this just one time,(got to watch this again), so CLICK ON AGAIN and this kid really does seem to the female version of Lex Luger and that would be, “The Total Package”…..

You say Man, Wow, Good Lord, and you will use a few other phrases too, when you see this move by Elissa Cunane….N.C. State was better to get her early than late, and I will wait, but it will be fun to see what this kid does over the next few years of her basketball career, both in high school and in college….

Great day to be watching a good basketball video and this kid can do a lot of things, with the basketball….