Page Pirates make a Big Splash at the NCHSAA State Swim Meet:Lucy Pearce and Andrew Taylor lead the Pirate swim teams

(Courtesy of Page High School Athletics Director Rusty Lee)

Congratulations to the Women’s Team:
McKenzie Campbell, Hannah Copeland, Mary Grace Campbell & Lucy Pearce
8th Place Overall!
(out of the 35 teams who scored points)

Congratulations to the Men’s Team:
Craig Herndon, Tanner Hering, Alex Holden, Reid Mikuta, Ian Robinson & Andrew Taylor
25th Place Overall
(out of 42 teams who scored points)

More Results after these pictures
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Final Results:
Women’s 200 Medley Relay – 7th Place
New Team Record & NISCA All-American Consideration Time
Lucy Pearce, McKenzie Campbell, Hannah Copeland, Mary Grace Copeland

Men’s 200 Medley Relay – 15th Place
Ian Robinson, Reid Mikuta, Tanner Hering, Andrew Taylor

200 IM:
McKenzie Campbell – 7th Place & New Team Record
Ian Robinson – 11th Place & New Team Record
Craig Herndon – 24th Place

50 Free:
Hannah Copeland – 10th Place & New Team Record
Andrew Taylor – 17th Place

1 Meter Diving:
Alex Holden – 15th Place

100 Fly:
McKenzie Campbell – 6th Place
Lucy Pearce – 10th Place
Tanner Hering – 19th Place

100 Free:
Hannah Copeland – 8th Place & New Team Record
Mary Grace Copeland – 12th Place

500 Free:
Tanner Hering – 18th Place

Men’s 200 Free Relay – 12th Place
Thomas Trent, Craig Herndon, Reid Mikuta, Andrew Taylor

100 Back:
Lucy Pearce – 6th Place & NISCA All-American Consideration Time
Mary Grace Campbell – 14th Place
Ian Robinson – 16th Place

100 Breast:
Reid Mikuta – 20th Place

Women’s 400 Free Relay – 10th Place
McKenzie Campbell, Lucy Pearce, Mary Grace Copeland, Hannah Copeland

Men’s 400 Free Relay – 17th Place
Craig Herndon, Reid Mikuta, Andrew Taylor, Ian Robinson

Finally CONGRATULATIONS to Lucy Pearce and Andrew Taylor who finished out their senior year with exceptional swimming and team spirit!