Holland Auto Care High School Basketball Tonight Finals:OT going twice at SEG with Dudley and Page picking up the W’s/NWG and EG boys/SWG and NG girls all Winners

From Southeast Guilford High School, at the Metro 4-A Tournament, you not one, but two/both games go into Overtime….
Girls Semifinal:
Dudley 47, Southeast Guilford 46 (OT)
Rayon Richards hits a shoot from close range for Dudley to win the game, as time expired in the first extra period…End of 1st Q:Dudley 18, SEG 17…Halftime:Dudley 28, SEG 22…End of 3rd Q:Dudley 32, SEG 25…End of Regulation:SEG 39, Dudley 39…Final:Dudley 47, SEG 46…
Dudley scoring:Teara Johnson 15 points, Shaq Taylor 11 points, Kiera Beasley 8, Ravon Richards 6, Leana Hunt 4, Shaquoya Johnson 2….SEG scoring:Kennedi Simmson 14 points, Erin Jeffers 11 points, Jewell Tinsley 11, Parker 8, India Fitzgerald 2…
Boys Semifinal:
Page 78, Smith 74 (OT)
Jahlen King goes 0-9 at the foul line, but hits two key free throws in OT to help seal the win for the Page Pirates….No Will Jones for Page, his foot was in a boot, but the Pirates get big games from King, Tylan Tatum, McIntyre, Talton, Short and Smith, and they might have been a man short, but it was “Man Up” for Page in the Overtime victory at Southeast…
Page Scoring Courtesy of Page Coach Matt Harder:
Tylan Tatum 21 pts 8 rebs 5 steals 4 assists
Jahlen King 23 pts 4 rebs 4 steals
Trent McIntyre 11 pts 5 reb 4 assists
Elijah Short 9 points 6 rebounds 2 assists
Brandon Talton 7 pts 8 assists 3 steals
Jordan Smith 7 pts 4 rebs 6 assists
Smith Scoring:Jacob Crutchfield 26 points, Tyrece Cheek 16, Isaiah Bigelow 13, Jalen Gainey 7, Hayes 7, Najae McClendon 4 and Puryear 4….End of 1st Q:Smith 15, Page 15…Halftime:Page 31, Smith 30…End of 3rd Q:Smith 44, Page 43…End of Regulation:Page 61, Smith 61…Final:Page 78, Smith 74…
Both Page teams will meet Dudley for the Metro Titles on Friday night at SEG, with Page-Dudley girls at 6pm and the Dudley-Page boys at 7:30pm….

Mid-State 3-A Tournament at Northeast Guilford High School
Girls Semifinal:Northern Guilford 64, Western Alamance 35
NG(24-1) NG Nighthawks will meet the Northeast Guilford Rams for the Mid-State 3-A Title on Friday night at NEG(6pm)….Wednesday night NG had Elissa Cunane with 26 points and 14 rebounds, Sammi Furlough with 11 points, 13 rebounds and 5 steals vs. Western Alamance….
Boys Semifinal:Eastern Guilford 87, Burlington Williams 64
End of 1st Q:EG 28, Williams 10…Halftime:EG 55, Williams 27…End of 3rd Q:EG 73, Williams 43…Final:EG 87, Williams 64…
#1 EG vs. #2 Eastern Alamance for the Boys Title on Friday night at 7:30 at NEG…
Courtesy of Danny Robinson

Piedmont Triad 3-A Tournament from Northwest Guilford High School
Girls Semifinal:Southwest Guilford 65, Ragsdale 26
Lashonda Monk with 20 and Faith Price with 19 for SWG Cowgirls….#1 Northwest Guilford vs. #2 Southwest Guilford for the Girls Title on Friday night at 6pm at NWG….
Boys Semifinal:Northwest Guilford 85, High Point Central 51
#1 Southwest Guilford vs. #2 Northwest Guilford for the Boys Title on Friday night at 7:30 at NWG….
Tre Turner with a big 31 points tonight to lead NWG to the victory….

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tournament at Ledford High School
Ledford girls 74, Western Guilford 25

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Western Guilford	8	5	6	6	25
Ledford Senior	       28	24	13	9	74

Northwest 1-A Tournament at Mount Airy High School
Boys Semifinal:Mount Airy 66, Bishop McGuinness 50
Girls Semifinal:WS Atkins 54, Bishop McGuinness 40

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Atkins	11	10	22	11	54
BMHS	10	11	8	11	40

+++++More scores on the way in and have some, send them our way…We have been busting this for you every night this week and pretty much every day and night all season long….+++++


  1. Show down between Ragsdale Tigers and Southwest Cowgirls never really happened. Tiger’s top rebounder and emotional leader Kaleah Gladney injured her hamstring in a freak accident during warmups, three minutes before game time. Tigers came out shell shocked and while they had plenty of open looks, were not able to convert. Cowgirls came out smoking hot, and Senior LaShonda Monk took control early: running the press, converting transition layups, running the Cowgirl’s offense and hitting several stop and pop shots with a Tiger defender in her face. Cowgirls were up 18 at the half. More of the same in the second half as Monk lead break after break. Tigers could not find an answer on offense, getting one shot and very few offensive rebounds. Second major injury in third quarter for Tigers as Brooke Bradford reinjured her knee after a hard foul trying to stop a Cowgirl break. Tiger bench is thin this year and by the end of the third quarter, with second string playing,

    Southwest gets another shot at Northwest on Friday. Should be a great game.

  2. Southwest gets another shot at Northwest on Friday. Should be a great game.

    I second that emotion..

  3. @hoops junkie its clear you see things from a Ragsdale perspective as you should being a loyal Ragsdale fan. I’m a SW follower and I clearly have a different perspective. I sympathize with the fact that Kaliyah and Brooke were hurt. I clearly didn’t think SW was as in sync as you seem to think. If SW plays that sloppy (defensively & rebounding) against NW they get beat. Yes they won the game by 38 points, but that was clearly because some of your key players were injured in the game. We are in the process of working some of our key players, that have been injured, back into the lineup. As we enter into the conference finals and into the state playoffs the teams need to be trending toward playing at their peak level. To say that Coach Scarborough was showing little class is unfair, because he clearly thought his team had things they needed to do better. Letting off the gas is how you breed teams into getting beat during the stretch run of the playoffs. Karma is what it is, in my experience usually the best teams win, and if Ragsdale beats SW down the road, we will take it on the chin as we have with any other loss. We will just move on and try to continue to get better. Hope Kaliyah & Brooke get well and return to the court soon.

  4. Andy,

    So you second that opinion?? You believe that up 35 points in a game where Ragsdale had clearly conceded (pulled the remaining uninjured starters in the 3rd quarter)- you believe that its classy to put your starters back out on the floor in the fourth quarter, in a trapping defense. You can truly say that you think that’s in good taste? I don’t know who will win in the Northwest vs Southwest game, but I can guarantee you that southwest didn’t improve their chances at all in the three minutes they decided to trap Ragsdale’s bench players in the 4th quarter.

  5. Yes, the statement reads:
    “Southwest gets another shot at Northwest on Friday. Should be a great game.”

    The statement is about the Friday night game between SWG and NWG and it should be a great game…That is all that is being said…

    The focus now is on Friday night and the Roger Nelson Gym should be electric on Friday night with SWG vs. NWG in both games…

    Should be some great games…..

  6. You will not disrespect Andy. Andy wasn’t talking about that. He was talking about the good game between NW and SW. Since you want to attack Andy for nothing. Let’s talk about the 365 ban GCS is waiting to give the players ragsdale is recruiting from AAU. If your kid is being recruited by ragsdale do not go. Play at your home school or go to private school if you don’t like the team for your district.

  7. @SW Guilford Fan, @hoops Junkie made a very valid point. They just stated the facts not once did they mention anything about letting off the gas or anyone being classless but since you mentioned it. It was going to be a long shot for Ragsdale to win with all their players not being hurt but to continue to press darn near the 3rd string is crazy. SWG has the talent and one of the best PG in Monk in the state.Ragsdale is still in the recovery process and is trying to rebuild a good girls basketball program. Things are going great this season for the Tigers with a 16 win season far from the 6 wins last year. Don’t expect another season like this one its going to get better years to come. These athletes are 10th graders and have done a tremendous job as underclassmen. NW and SW deserves to be playing in the championship game they are both great teams but I do believe Ragsdale has had a very productive year. From what Im hearing next year will be an even better year for them. We will see if Coach Joyner let off the gas when NW play you on Friday, I think not

  8. And let’s make those injured players a major concern…Hope that they are back up and rolling again soon…

    Hard to compete at full-strength when your troops are down, but they will be up again and let’s hope they come back soon at 100% and don’t have to miss any of their AAU season….

    Friday night is the key now, some real big games in our area for the high schools…

    You never know, that Roger Nelson Gym may sell out, I would suggest that you get there early…

  9. I’m not here to have an opinion on what is classy or not. My opinion is that, clearly Coach Scarborough was not satisfied with something he saw on the floor. How do you improve your chances of winning down the road if you don’t address sloppy play. If he’s not satisfied with some aspect of his team’s play, you try to work through it when you have an opportunity. Maybe he did improve his chances against NW because he addressed some schematic or situational issues that he saw on the floor that needed to be corrected before the NW game. No more games to play between the Ragsdale & NW games, so when do you get the reps if you don’t correct it on the spot. Scarborough is not the type of coach to run up the score to simply run up the score.
    @Disgusted the second paragraph was deleted where @hoops junkie made a reference to the parents saying it showed little class to continue to play the his starters after being up 40.

  10. @Disgusted if Joyner has the opportunity to keep her foot on the gas, don’t think she won’t. Do you think Gino Auriemma gives mercy to his opponents. It gives his team a psychological advantange the next time you play an opponent. That how you build and sustain a dominate program year in and year out.

  11. Not a good time to be going after our coaches and probably a good time for us to let up off of the gas too and I guess we can read results for a while, since everyone is having a little trouble talking in a peaceful mode today…

    Let’s hit on some of those positives and there are some great games on the Horizon for tomorrow night and who do you like or who do you take in those games with
    NWG-SWG girls and boys…

    Page-Dudley girls and boys…

    NG or NEG girls and EG or Eastern Alamance…

    Looking at some good ones and who has the edge…Does SWG get the girls win since NWG has already beaten them twice, and do the NWG boys win with home court advantage and Brandon Lambert missing for SWG back on Tuesday???

    Can the NG girls be stopped by a 3-A girls team in this state, and do the EG boys keep rolling…

    Eastern Guilford boys have won 13 games in a-row and NWG girls have something like 18 straight games….

    Let’s get off the coaches’ heads and get back on the court and see who will win these titles….

  12. @Rivalry I know where this is going but Im not going there with you. Its the end of the season and you are still mentioning AAU. They are no dummies do you think no one will jeopardize their kids to do thing illegal? absolutely not. No matter where Ragsdale Coach AAU players go they will immediately make an impact. Every middle school in Guilford County with the good players are Gaters. Also every high school as well. All of these young ladies are Gaters Elissa Cunane, Kayla King, Liz Kitley, Faith Price, Bria Gibbs and the two at Ragsdale are all Gaters and plays for the Ragsdale Coach and has been since they were in elementay school and is running Guilford County girls basketball. Everybody so caught up with where these kids are going to school let it go already. Ragsdale is not like the other schools where you get the hook-up getting in so you can go to an Academy or Magnet School these kids trully lives in the district. Their are kids at these Academies that don’t have the grades nor minimum requirements but they miraculously got in. What the GCS Athletic Director needs to do is look at the transcripts and see how some of these kids are getting in without the grades or requirements. This is something I know from experience. How do you barely make it out of middle school but smart enough to get into an Academy because you are a good athlete. Politics!!! You know the saying its not what you know its who you know

  13. Like we were saying before, time to lay off of the coaches, they have work to do and practice today…

    We will have to close out this vine for a while and might be able to bring it back up later today…

    There seems to be a small circle that is trying to evolve into a hurricane….

    Here’s hoping it’s all hot air…

  14. Got the vine open again, and what about Coach of the Year, Player of the Year and those orders of business for the different conferences????

    Coach Joyner at NWG, Coach Battle at High Point Central for Piedmont Triad 4-A…Kam Langley for boys and Cayla King, Lashonda Monk or Liz Kitley for girls POY’s????

    Metro 4-A either Coach Ferguson(Dudley) or Coach Harder(Page) for boys and what about Coach Jones, Page for girls or maybe Coach Johnson at Smith????
    Jahlen King from Page or maybe Hopkins(Dudley) or Bigelow/Cheek for boys POY???? Metro girls saying Johnson at Dudley or maybe from Page, I do not know….You really can’t go with the freshman, Reagan Kargo, that would almost be unprecedented and we might have to call in the President for approval and that might take a few rounds of discussion….

    Mid-State 3-A, I think Nikki Wilborne, from Western Alamance got it for the girls coach and boys, Coach Spinks, from Eastern Guilford ought to get it….Players, Jalen Alston from EG and Elissa Cunane from Northern Guilford have to the POY’s right???

    Other conferences, not quite as sure, but maybe a good year for Evan Fancourt at Southern Guilford for Boys Coach of the Year, in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A…..Girls, Coach Whitaker at SG finished second and that should be worth a shot….Players, Garren Dearman at SG boys gets a shot, and Wheless, Roberts or Williams at SG girls shot….

    High Point Andrews boys coach(Cleaver Rennie), has to be Coach of the Year(PAC 6 2-A), and I think he is a former Page assistant coach too…..

    Those would be some good topics to be looking at and positives up for the kids and good talk about them and not negative shots….

    All good and good is good…

    On the coaches and players, those are all suggestions on our part and we have laid down some good copy to be considered here….

  15. SWG Fan – I pull for underdogs and programs I see making progress. Ragsdale, High Point Central, and Smith were definitely three of those. You are welcome to your opinion but don’t assume you know what I think. What possible “corrections” do you make at this point of the year against very little talent? You don’t. Do you make your team better by pounding on the beaten team’s bottom five? I know you don’t, and so does the SW coach. You get better by teaching your players to compete. As many of your players as you can, as often as you can. SW parents whose kids don’t play very much must not be too happy about those missed opportunities. But that is how you build a program. SW was clearly either padding stats or trying to send a “message” and that is teaching selfish basketball which is truly classless. Your UConn comparison is weak – their bottom five would beat 95% of the other DI schools, and when they do get in, which is often, they are expected to compete or they sit. Not one team in Guilford county has that kind of luxury. Here’s the flip side:

    Ragsdale parent I sat next to last night told me that last Friday, at Glenn’s Senior Night, their girls were up by 28, so Bradford played his bottom five for almost the entire second half. With 20 seconds to go, the Glenn coach puts in a special needs player. Ragsdale calls time out and asks the Glenn coach if he wants her to score. He said yes. Ragsdale coach tells his bottom five to in bounds the ball to Glenn and help this special player score. Apparently she had to take four or five attempts, but right as the buzzer sounds, she sinks a basket and the whole place erupts. No one that was not there knows this, but that is winning with class and speaks volumes about the quality of the Ragsdale coach. Check it out with Glenn staff.

    Rivalry – Your statements about Ragsdale “recruiting” are so completely wrong, you are either ignorant or jealous or both. Has Bradford’s Gators spanked you every time you played him? I know the AD at Ragsdale and there is not another AD in Guilford County that is more by the book. After the fiascos at HP Central and Northern several years back, which kids are playing for which schools is so scrutinized by the Guilford AD and oversite committee that to accuse any school without factual proof is foolish. If you want a recruiting story, go check out the private schools, where it seems to be thriving.

    Which Piedmont girl’s coaches did the most with what they had? How many wins did Central have the past two years? What about Ragsdale? Smith? All three programs took huge steps forward this year. As Disgusted noted, 16 wins for Ragsdale is quite remarkable.

    NW, SW, Northern, Page had good years with lots of talent. Harder to win when your talent level is not there. Monk was definitely the top player. Just a humble opinion.

  16. @hoops junkie I totally agree with you. I could not have said it better. Andy, that’s going to be a tough one for POY. King, Kitley and Monk I say all of them should share it. They all had a great season. That freshmen at Page Kargo should be in the running as well. T. Johnson at Dudley is a defensive machine but Kargo is Steph Curry in disguise she can flat out shoot it. All of these young ladies deserve accolades for such a wonderful season. On the boys side Jahlen Alston at Eastern should be one of the top if not the top choice in his conference.

  17. They will release those as soon as each team is done with their playoffs…

    They make you wait until each team from conference has completed their season and then those can be released…

    If SWG or NWG, or maybe Page or Dudley is still in you wait, if say NG girls or Eastern Guilford boys are still in you wait on Mid-State etc….

    Some times the teams will slip out early, but that is how it usually works…

  18. Jalen Alston from EG and Elissa Cunane from NG should Mid-State honors locked up…Pretty sure Joe Spinks will get Coach of the Year for boys…

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