Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals with NWG girls, SWG boys, Dudley girls, Page boys, NG girls, EG boys all CHAMPIONS so far/GDS girls win on the road/GDS boys win at home/Middle School Finals/SG girls fall/HP Andrews falls in OT

Finals from the games tonight:
Piedmont Triad 4-A Tournament from Northwest Guilford High School
Girls:Northwest Guilford 67, Southwest Guilford 56….NWG Champions
Boys:Southwest Guilford 60, Northwest Guilford 51…SWG Champions

Metro 4-A Tournament from Southeast Guilford High School
Girls:Dudley 40, Page 34…Dudley Champions
Boys:Page 56, Dudley 51….Page Champions

Mid-State 3-A Tournament from Northeast Guilford High School
Girls:Northern Guilford 69, Northeast Guilford 54…Northern Champions
Boys:Eastern Guilford 73, Eastern Alamance 59…Eastern Champions

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tournament from Ledford High School
Girls:Ledford 53, Southern Guilford 34…Ledford Champions

PAC 6 2-A Tournament from Providence Grove High School
Wheatmore 65, High Point Andrews 57 (OT)

                 Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	OT1	Final
TWAHS	         6	16	12	11	12	57
Wheatmore       14	 8	 8	15	20	65

*****Big Road win for the Lady Bengals from Greensboro Day School as they went on the road and got the upstart/upset victory in Hickory:#6 Greensboro Day School girls 62, #3 Hickory Grove 58…..Gloria Smith, Chole Brewington, Mahlon Brady and Maddie Murdock all getting it done on the road this evening and they have advanced to NCISAA Girls Semifinals next Friday…..Good Work Bengals….*****

+++++NCISAA Boys 3-A Quarterfinals+++++
#1 Greensboro Day School boys 61, #9 High Point Christian Academy 50

*****Middle School Final from Today at Southeast Guilford Middle School:RAC 5 Boys…Northeast Guilford 39, Mnedenhall 36…Northeast Guilford 2017 Champions…Big 5 Middle School Championship at Northwest Guilford Middle School:Northwest Guilford girls over Kernodle 33-28….NWG boys topped Kernodle….
Northwest Middle School girls and boys 2017 Big 5 Champions….*****

Northwest Guilford girls 67, Southwest Guilford 56
End of 1st Q:NWG 20, SWG 12…Halftime:NWG 31, SWG 27…End of 3rd Q:NWG 55, SWG 37…Final:NWG 67, SWG 56
NWG scoring:Liz Kitley 20 points, Bria Gibbs 17 points, Cayla King 14 points, Lindsay Gauldin 10 points, Thalia Carter 6 points…
SWG scoring:Lashonda Monk with a game-high 23 points, Faith Price 13 points, Lauren Carter 10, Michaela Bryant 4 points, Jasmine Wilson 3 points, Delaney Gandolfo 2 points, Cameron Briley 1 point….

Liz Kitley(NWG) picked up her third foul with 7:03 left in the first half…She sat down and came back in the second half on a mission….NWG got a strong effort on offense and defense from the freshman guard, Thalia Carter….Cayla King was like glue for NWG and Lindsay Gauldin hit two key three’s for NWG, that were daggers…Bria Gibbs, with 9 first quarter points made NWG run early and Gibbs picked a very important night to have one of her best games of the season…For much of the first half, NWG went with a four-guard attack, while Kitley was nursing those 3 fouls on the Vikings’ bench….We had the teams with 5 made three-point shots each, with King hitting three and Gauldin two for NWG, and Monk popped in four three’s and Faith Price one for SWG….

At the end of the girls’ game, I mentioned to Dennis White, that the SWG Cowgirls were starting play with a “Sense of Urgency”….The only problem was, SWG waited too long to bring that “Sense of Urgency” to the court…SWG had to pick it up earlier to have a chance to win this game, but they did not get the push going until there were say, 2 and a-half minutes left in the game, but by then it was too late….Sure wish SWG, for their own sake, would have started that push much earlier in the second half and at least early-on in the 4th period….

Losing Lauren Carter was a minus for SWG and I think sometimes, SWG does not realize how important Carter really is, until she is gone or missing from the lineup….She rebounds like Willis Reed, the former New York Knickerbocker/Knick…Carter has the best one-hand snatch rebound that you will see for a girl…Faith Price was cold early, but she warmed up late, but by then it was too late….

NWG is going to be a tough out in the tournament and the Vikings are very tough with Liz Kitley and Bria Gibbs working together inside in the paint/post…Double-up on Kitley and Gi-Double B Gibbs will kill your basketball dreams and post-season hopes….NWG also gets some extra back line help from Cayla King in the rebounding department and she can pull in boards with the best you have to offer and King joins Kitley in the art of “Shot Blocking”, and both are working on their undergraduate degrees in this area of their games….

NWG at (24-2) is showing their true mettle now here late in the season and could they make a deeper run in the playoffs this year than they did last year???

For those that follow the records and standings closely, if NWG makes a deeper run this year than they did last year, smiles by the miles will be coming for the NWG Viking faithful…If NWG can top what they did last year, tears would turn to joy inside the girls basketball locker room on Northwest School Road….

We are just about out and we just wanted to get the girls some pub/print, since so many times they end up getting lost in the keyboard shuffle…It means that we go a little bit deeper into the early morning run, but with the mind and the body still pumped up, we can carry on, a little bit longer at the end of this day…..

What have we missed and what have we left out, as we leave the Conference Tournaments and go into next week’s Sectional Tournaments….

I was on the court Friday night when the SWG students rushed the court after the Cowboys victory in the Boys Final, so I know what is like to nearly be run over by the crowd, as they hit/storm the court after a Big Win…I also got to meet and interview the future NWG Viking QB, Braxton Rolfes…I asked Rolfes if he could pull off a State Championship by 2025-2026 and he said yes….He is the star of the future on Northwest School Road….YES…..Marv Albert would be proud….

Time to pull out of here and see what happens with the Saturday Draw, as they announce the teams and their opponents for this year’s NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs….Good luck to all and the more home teams and homes games, the better…..

Good Night/Good Morning…….

More scores to follow….


  1. RAC 5 Girls Champion Eastern Guilford Middle School ran away with the game by about 30 points. Monroe and Frazier was in the building and man did they put on a show as usual. SE tried to play a triangle two on Monroe and Frazier and it seemed to work briefly after half-time Eastern went on a 18-2 run in the third quarter with Frazier hitting a pair of 3’s and Monroe getting to the line.The rest was history. I think Frazier outscored SE team. Only my second time watching them but I am going to miss seeing those girls and their chemistry. Heard Monroe will be at Dudley with her brother not sure of Frazier. Let’s see if these two can stay together.

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