Girls Basketball Coaching Carousel rides on in Guilford County

We will have some changes for next season on the coaching front for Girls Basketball in Guilford County with some coaches stepping down, others moving from one school to another and on we go with the Coaching Carousel….

We had the report about two weeks back that Coach Tina Gunn had stepped down at Grimsley HS….And this week we got word that Coach Deborah Jones was stepping down, after 17 years as the head girls coach for the Page Pirates…Page athletic director Rusty Lee confirmed that move to us on Thursday evening….Coach Jones stepping away hoping to have more time to spend with family, especially young nieces and nephews…
Coach Jones led Page to a record of (20-8) last season and the regular season title in the Metro 4-A Conference…Coach Jones led the Page girls to a runner-spot for the NCHSAA 4-A State Championship back in 2013….Raleigh Millbrook over Page 62-56 in that State Title game and Page finished at (27-2) that season….Page was (18-9) in 2015-16……

New coach will be coming for Page in 2017-18….

Also got word this week that Coach William Whitaker was out after 10 years as the girls head coach at Southern Guilford….Word is Coach Gunn will be the new head coach for the girls at Southern Guilford and the Storm feeling better about having an on-staff teacher in charge of the girls team….Coach Gunn from Grimsley to Southern Guilford….

We are also hearing from staff at Grimsley, that their new coach for the girls basketball team will be Coach Huntley, who was an assistant coach at Southeast Guilford and he has coached both boys and girls….Coach Huntley from Southeast Guilford to Grimsley….

The ‘Coaching Carousel’ is moving on the Girls Basketball front in Guilford County and that might be the word for the off-season, moving on…


  1. So southern has already hired a coach. I see the job was just posted on the 25th. Seems like they didn’t put much effort into the process

  2. Is my opinion that the Guilford County Schools system has a theory that they want the jobs to go to teachers and coaches that are already in the system and to have coaches that are teachers and they will be the first ones to get those jobs..

    GCS will be taking care of those that have taught and if coaches want to continue coaching and if they are certified teachers and have put their time in, in the classroom, they will have a job.

    Teacher first, and coach second is theory and it also is a theory of deep loyalty to those that have put their time in the system…

    If you are not in the system already or if you are not in a school system outside the area and have teaching experience, I would say, do not apply….

    You are going to be lucky to get a coaching job if you can not fill a classroom position as a teacher or as a school monitor of some sort…

    If you want to coach, get your certificate to teach and if you need to or have to, begin on the Middle School level, keep applying and work your way up…

    If you have an available teacher on hand and they have a college degree and a teacher’s certificate, the schools will always take them and bring them on board first….

    Many of the coaches have degrees that has them working with students that have special needs and that is an area that is growing and needs to be filled..

    If you are not a teacher and if you don’t have a college degree, I can’t see how you can expect to get into the system, but there are always exceptions, but for the most part, I think I am heading in the right direction with the info, that I have shared here.

    Teaching is the primary need in the schools and the athletics are a supplement to the students’ educational experience and that does not mean we have to have non-qualified coaches, that just means that they need to take care of all of the classroom requirements before they hit the field or the court and if you expect your players to hit it in the classroom and stay qualified, the coaches need to be ready to do the same thing….

    If I have a coach in the system and they want to continue coaching and they are qualified, I need to find them a job and if I have a coach who wants to get out of coaching and stay in the system, I need to go to work to replace them as soon as possible and make sure that we try to keep them teaching and utilize their classroom experience and experience working with kids and use that to the max….

    Still back at it with the coach that has been in the system as a coach and a teacher for many years, we need to find them a spot if they want to continue….

    We have some teachers and coaches that are working toward their 30 years and others that want to carry on beyond the 30 and you are lucky to have the good ones that have that 30-plus mileage, since they tend to know the ropes and that they have to stay up to date, to remain relevant in the system….

    If you want to coach bad enough, start out as a volunteer assistant and for sure you can’t do that forever, but it might be a good way to get you started….

    And learn your systems and know them well, you have the Guilford County Schools System, then there is Respiratory System, the Digestive System, the Nervous System, the Circulatory System, the Skeletal System, the Muscular System, the Reproductive System, the Urinary System and several others and they all make up the Biological System…

    I got the first five or so systems and then looked up and added the others and to me, this what learning is all about….If you are a good coach and a good teacher, you have those students and athletes learning something new every day…

    And, I feel like if you read this site, for the most part, you are seeing and learning something new every day and I know at times we hit major details and get long-winded in our writing, but that is all part of being creative and trying to get our point across….

    I never really learned how to take the easy way out and think in part, that is due to having good teachers and having a good mind, that is willing to expand…

    Read On and did we win in this discussion today, probably not, but maybe we left the door open for more ways to achieve and find the necessary answers….

  3. The principals at schools have the final word in hiring decisions. With that being said, I would check with the interim principal at SG to make sure the information presented is completetely accurate. There is a severe shortage of qualified math and science teachers in the GCS system. If you can find a math teacher/coach of any sport(as long as they are qualified) — that person can basically pick their school.

  4. Our info coming in from Athletic Directors, Current and Former Coaches and school staff members…

    Things could change and we shall see, but we are usually ahead of the curve here..Sometimes not, but this is what I was told last week….


  5. Coach Bradford at Ragsdale had been in the system, helping coach baseball and also other basketball before he got the head girls job at Ragsdale..

    He had already been a part of the system before he got the main job…


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