“The one that didn’t get away…”:Russell Westbrook meets and beats Oscar Robertson

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In a feat that’s seemed inevitable for weeks, Russell Westbrook notched triple-double number 42 and broke Oscar Robertson’s 56-year-old record.

Now you’d think at this point in the season with their playoff seeding set, maybe Russ would take it easy and go for a casual ten, ten, and ten and set the record in a quiet, free-and-easy fashion. HA. HA. HA. He didn’t do it that way, instead, he scored 50 points, pulled down 16 rebounds, and dropped ten dimes. Oh, and he hit a 35-foot buzzer-beater to win the game and eliminate the Nuggets from playoff contention.

Nothing about the season has been casual for number zero, who’s been playing with a chip on his shoulder since game one, following Kevin Durant’s defection. Let’s see if he can cap off a historic season with an unlikely playoff run…