Former Greensboro Hornet Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush looking to buy the Miami Marlins

from Adam Wells with the Bleacher

The group of buyers led by Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush has reportedly won the auction to purchase the Miami Marlins.

Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg reported the auction results. Per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Marlins “are moving forward with the Jeb Bush/Jeter group and are optimistic deal will be reached for sale.”

Jackson noted the sale price as $1.3 billion and added Bush would be the controlling owner with Jeter having an “active role.” Forbes estimated the Marlins’ value at $940 million.

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Same story from TheLeadSports:
Jeter saying/texting:”What’s Up Jeb?”….Jeb says/texts:”Think I’m gonna buy the Marlins, you down?”…..Jeter:”TOTES”……
The above meme is an exact transcript of the conversation between Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush that led to them buying the Florida Marlins. The twosome and a handful of additional rich people won the auction with a $1.3 billion bid to take over Jeffrey Loria’s soon-to-be-former team with the interesting catch that Bush will act as the controlling owner. It’ll be great for baseball to get rid of Loria, and great for Jeb who hasn’t felt cool in any capacity since 1973…