Cody Creed Kicking:A look at how Creed(Northwest Guilford HS) got started and how Don Osborne became his mentor and a look back at Will Johnson(HP Central/WSSU)

Cody Creed, kicker/punter for the Northwest Guilford Vikings, is just coming out of one of the North Carolina/South Carolina Shrine Bowl football combines and I was able to pick up some of Cody Creed’s football and kicking background, when I saw/read one of his posts on Twitter and when I saw that he was part of the Don Osborne Kicking Camp, it got my attention in a hurry….Don Osborne is one of the top kicking coaches/instructors to ever teach here in the Triad and his group of invested kickers is a long one….Cody Creed, from Northwest Guilford, and there was Kasey Redfern, from Ragsdale HS and all of the other Redfern brothers that worked with Don and you had Tyler Hunt from Eastern Guilford and Guilford College, and there was Austin Anthony, Matt Millisor, Harrison Kiser all from Page HS and there was our main man Will Johnson from High Point Central and Winston-Salem State University and Will was looking to go in the NFL Draft back over the weekend and with that not happening, now Will is hoping to land a Free Agent contract/tryout and I still can’t believe that Will Johnson didn’t receive some type of award at the recent Winston-Salem State Rams’ sports banquet….There should have been some type of Special Teams Award presented to Will, but nada/nothing and that sort of hits me in the pit of the old stomach, if you know what I mean….But, we will have more on Will’s pursuit of the pros below, but now back to,
Cody Creed Kicking and I like his background bio and I still buy into it all in a Big way, since Don Osborne is on board and in charge of the Cody Creed Code of Honor….

Cody Creed Kicking:
At twelve years old, I began taking kicking instruction from Mr. Don Osborne. A great mentor, coach, and Christian, Don and I developed all of my mechanics and training techniques. Coach Don is now 83 years old and has been working with special teams players for well over 50 years. Following church with weather permitting, he dedicates every Sunday afternoon to working with young special teams players.

As I developed, I became stronger, more competitive with my skill, and working at the art of kicking. I began receiving further instruction from other players/coaches/trainers such as; Kasey Redfern (currently punting with the Carolina Panthers/just last week added to the Detroit Lions’ roster), Aaron Dalton (currently with Utah State), JJ McGrath (currently with Grand Valley), Dynamic Sports and Mike Stricker, Lifetime Kicking and Dan Zeidman, and of course Coach Don.

In the past we have had “Kiser the Kicker”, “Kasey the Kicker”, “Tyler Hunt in the hunt to be the Quakers’ Kicker” and much more on kicking and now we have “Cody Creed Kicking” warming up….And the kid from Page did a very good kicking last year too(#36 Thomas Murray)….Bet he has worked with Don Osborne in the past…..Another kicker on the rise was our young student, Kenji Patterson, down at Dudley HS….Kickers are popping up all over the place, and Creed has planted the seed and you need to follow his lead and go see Don Osborne….

More Will Johnson(HP Central HS) being an NFL hopeful from Winston-Salem State:
Will Johnson, Cameron Sullivan and Jac’Que Polite are all hopeful that their dream will come true of playing for an NFL team.

Will Johnson (Sr, K/P, High Point, NC) was been named a first team All-CIAA selection as kicker. Johnson scored 84 points for the Rams this season, completing 13-22 (59%) field goals and 45-47 (96%) extra point attempts. He also punted 55 times for 2,029 yards, holding the opposing returner within the 20-yard marker 12 times. Johnson was named the CIAA Special Teams Player of the Year.
*****Andy’s notebook:WSSU should have had some type of award for Will, at that Rams’ Sports Banquet…..*****
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