From the Guilford County School Board Meeting last Thursday night:Bill Hollifield Gym at Western Guilford/Kenny Carter Court at High Point Central(Harlan Cato speaks on behalf of B. Hollifield)

*****Two legendary Guilford County coaches will have their names on Guilford County athletic/sports landmarks and this is the news coming out of the Guilford County School Board Meeting, held this past Thursday night, at the Guilford County Schools downtown offices….*****
+++++I knew Coach Bill Hollifield and worked with him on the sports map for several unyielding years and it was a true “learning experience” while working under the educational arm of Coach Hollifield and I have met and spoke with Coach Kenny Carter on many occasions and he reminds me of a high school version of Duke’s Coach K, with Carter coaching the female basketball players on and off the court….We will now take you to then news and notes, from week’s GCS School Board meeting……+++++

from the Guilford County School Board site at…..

Thursday April 27, 2017 – The Guilford County Board of Education voted on two separate name nominations for Western High’s new gym and High Point Central High’s gymnasium court at its meeting Thursday night.

Western High’s new gym will be named in honor of former coach Bill Hollifield. Hollifield served Western High for 33 years as a teacher, assistant head football coach, head wrestling coach and assistant track coach. He was named the school’s Teacher of the Year twice and received the honor of Conference Wrestling Coach of the Year several times.

“Among the greatest accomplishment: he taught us how to deal with others in life with respect, win with humility, and to respect the other team members and their coaches,” wrote 1977 alumnus Harlan S. Cato III. “He had a kind heart to boot and this was surely another of his greatest attributes.”

The board also approved renaming the High Point Central High gymnasium court after coach Kenny Carter, who retired last year after 34 years. Carter was a teacher at the school and served as the head varsity women’s basketball coach for 24 years, earning five state championships.

“The real reason Coach should have this court named after him is the lasting impact he had on his players’ lives,” wrote parent Ken Fulp in the nomination. “He took young ladies from all walks of life and made them into a team that cared for each other and their coach. In the processes, he taught them that success does not come without hard work and preparation, that you have to be mentally and physically strong to compete and that ‘team’ is far more important than ‘me.”

*****The school board voted to delay a decision on renaming Guilford Middle to Western Middle to consider additional cost information.*****