North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association 2017 Women’s High School All Region Teams

North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association 2017 Women’s High School All Region Teams
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Tess Albert	12	D	NWG
Annesleigh Bengtson	12	M	Grimsley
Virginia Billings	12	M	Page
Katelyn Bourque	10	M	SEG
Courtney Britt	10	D	S.Alamance
Alice Burritt	12	D	NWG
Caroline Causey	11	M	S.Alamance
Claire Causey	11	M	S.Alamance
Maddie Clapp	12	M	SEG
Isabel Cox	10	M	Grimsley
Tegan Dean	12	M	NWG
Lauren Dulin	10	M	HPC
Megan Ehrhardt	10	M	SEG
Caroline Ferner	12	D	Page
Gianna Flowers	11	M	SWG
Sandra Geiselhart	11	M	Ragsdale
Tess Geiselhart	9	F	Ragsdale
Demi Hackney	12	F	SWG
Laura Harris	10	M	Grimsley
Kristen Hogan	10	D	SEG
Taylor Jackson	11	D	SWG
Cori May	12	M	SWG
Claire Michaels	12	D	Page
Rhodes Neese	10	D	Grimsley
Tatum Neff	10	F	Page
Logan Parry	9	F	SWG
Connor Pratt	11	D	NWG
Casey Raggett	12	F	S.Alamance
Rachel Rouse	11	M	NWG
Victoria Wagner	12	M	NWG
Keyera Wynn	10	F	Page



Mckenzie Brooks	3A	Defender	Williams
Sarah Busse	3A	Defender	Central Davidson
Breanna Fowler	3A	Fwd, Mid	Central Davidson
Marissa Lenze	3A	Forward	        Northern Guilford
Hayley Magnussen	3A	Forward	Northern Guilford
Kara Mills	3A	Mid, Fwd	Ledford Senior
Shalyn Owen	3A	Fwd, Mid	Ledford Senior
Ashley Rumley	3A	Midfield	Northern Guilford
Abigail Schulenklopper	3A Def, Mid	Northern Guilford
Ashley Swanson	3A	Mid, Def	Western Alamance
Ingle Wagoner	3A	Forward	        Williams
Avery Ward	3A	Midfield	Northern Guilford
Tiffany Weatherman	3A Goalkeeper	Ledford Senior
Kate Wiseman	3A	Defender	Ledford Senior
Kalyn Williamson	3A Def, Mid	Northern Guilford



Jessica Bevard	12	Mid-Field	             Mount Airy High School
Courtney Byrd	12	Keeper	                     Starmount High School
Christina Chavez	9 Attacking Mid	             East Surry High School
Maggie Collins	12	Keeper	                     East Surry High School
Cammie Cooke	10	Mid-Field	             Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School
Caroline Coyt	10	Forward	                     Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School
Maggie Freed	11	Forward	                     Starmount High School
Nele Gorres	11	Mid-Field	             Mount Airy High School
Baylee Greenwood	10	Forward	             Mount Airy High School
Rachel Klenke	11	Defender	             Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School
Kora Ledezma	11	Defender	             Mount Airy High School
Mary Jo Lowe	12	Forward	                     East Surry High School
Sophia Lowe	9	Defender	             East Surry High School
Lexie Marty	9	Defender	             Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School
Claire Maske	12	Forward	                     Starmount High School
Molly Maske	9	Forward	                     Starmount High School
Isabel Najera	11	Defender	             Starmount High School
Claire Rogers	10	Keeper	                     Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School
Laura Ruiz	12	Center Back	             East Surry High School
Allie Sechrist	12	Mid-Field	             Mount Airy High School
Lydia Specht	10	Defensive Mid-Field	     Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School
Mary Kate Walsh	11	Forward	                     Bishop McGuinnes Catholic School

Private Schools:


Elizabeth Ashley	Senior	Defender	Covenant Day
Emily Barrett	        Senior	Forward	        High Point Christian
Claire Broderdorp	Sophomore Forward	Providence Day
Madeline Coggins	Senior	Midfield	Covenant Day
Brantley Compton	Sophomore Defender	Asheville Christian
Claudia Dickey	        Junior	Keeper	        Charlotte Latin
Taylor France	Sophomore       Defender	Providence Day
Julia Gass	Junior	Defender	        Charlotte Latin
Emma Goldean	Junior	Defender	        Providence Day
Marissa Hart	Sophomore	Midfield	Providence Day
Anna Haynes	Junior	Midfield	        Covenant Day
Carson Jones	Senior	Forward	                Providence Day
Ruthie Jones	Sophomore	Keeper	        Charlotte Latin
Sutton Jones	Junior	Midfield	        Charlotte Latin
Alexa Leizorek	Senior	Midfield	        American Hebrew
Savannah Luek	Freshman	Midfield	Covenant Day
Madeline Marks	Senior	Midfield	        Providence Day
Pryce Martin	Senior	Defender	        High Point Christian
Mary Elliott McCabe	Junior	Forward	        Charlotte Latin
Alina McCue	Senior	Forward	                Covenant Day
Ellie Norman	Junior	Midfield	        Charlotte Latin
Caroline Queen	Senior	Forward	                Carmel Christian
Megan Rasku	Senior	Midfield	        Asheville Christian
Rachel Schleicher	Sophomore Midfield	Providence Day
Julianne Schneider	Junior	Defender	American Hebrew
Bailey Stinson	Freshman	Midfield	Northside Christian Academy
Kylie Stinson	Eigth Grade	Forward	        Northside Christian Academy
Emily Wise	Senior	Midfield	        Charlotte Latin
Alex Wright	Junior	Forward	                Northside Christian Academy