Ed Johnson(Smith HS) to become new girls basketball coach at Page High School

Ed Johnson is leaving Ben L. Smith High School to become the new girls basketball coach at Page High School, replacing the Pirates’ former head coach, Debbie Jones….There had been talk going around for the last couple of weeks about who the new coach at Page would be and now we are hearing the confirmation coming in late this afternoon…..

Page has a new coach and now Smith will be looking for a new coach….A lateral move across town and it appears to be be a move upward for Coach Johnson based on the winning tradition and history of Page Pirates’ success under Coach Jones….

The word coming from Joe Sirera, at the News and Record on Twitter:
Joe Sirera @JoeSireraNR 39m39 minutes ago
Ed Johnson leaving Smith to succeed Debbie Jones as @PiratesPage girls basketball coach. #HSXtra

from MaxPreps.com:
Ed Johnson at Smith in 2016-17:
Four-Year Overall Record at Smith:(34-61)/Conference:(10-30)
Coach Johnson has also served as an assistant coach at the Greensboro Day School in the past….

Page Pirates in 2016-17(20-8/9-1)

*****With Coach Johnson, Page looks to be getting a very good teacher and an up-and-coming coach…..*****

+++++CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera’s post(News and Record) on Ed Johnson taking the Page girls basketball job….+++++


  1. Not sure what will be left of the Page team, heard Kargo girl was going with her dad to NW.

  2. Page still has a nucleus with the Heard sisters, Emma and Jillian, with Emma in the post and Jillian at guard and Ava Casper is still on board and she can run the point and shoot some three’s…

    I am still waiting for Herb Oliver’s daughter to show up one day…Herb is about 6’7 and he has a daughter and she ought to be able to hoop it up…

    Reagan Kargo will be at Northwest Guilford next year, and the family has already moved into the Northwest Guilford district…Not sure if her dad will be coaching there, but that is for NWG to work out….

    Mike Everette assistant this past season along with Bill King and one other assistant to Darlene Joyner…

    Should be a challenge for Coach Ed Johnson, but with the three young ladies I mentioned and others that are also back, maybe Hannah Wyrick and then the players coming in from Mendenhall, Page should be OK…

    Page beyond OK depends on how hard they are willing to work….

  3. Whoa,he was working with something with DJ Jackson, Harmony Fletcher, DJ McCullough, and some upcoming underclassmen. Wondering what’s gonna happen at Smith??

  4. We will be just fine with our new coach. There is no need to disregaurd our hard work just because we are losing a piece of our offense. Ava, Emma, and I have been playing sports together since we were in kindergarten. We are all excited to have Coach Johnson and ready to work for our senior season.

  5. The new coach at Smith will have plenty of talent to work with and it will just be a matter of getting the Eagles over the hump…They were (4-6) in the conference this past season and they can sure build from that…

    New conferences coming up and that will change the dynamic for everyone….Smith and Dudley with Southwest Guilford, Western Guilford, Mount Tabor and others…Doing the 3-A instead of the 4-A, so no longer with Page and Grimsley…

    Western Guilford also looking for a new coach, with Coach Vernon Johnson stepping down during this off-season….

    So WG and Smith now looking for girls basketball coaches…

    When they get there, the new coaches can build the teams, but once they build them, it is all about finishing….Just ask Kyrie Irving and LeBron James about that….(Kyle Korver and Kevin Love too for that matter.)

    Wow, can you believe they let that game get away last night after all the work that they did to get ahead…

    Steph Curry and Kevin Durant took it from Cleveland when the Cavaliers couldn’t finish…

    There are no guarantees, the game is never yours until you completely put it away…

    Jacksons got to get jumpin’ and Eagles got to get flying…

  6. Hopefully they don’t bomb the football coach hiring like they just did the girl’s basketball coach hiring

  7. It is not like this coach is taking over a powerhouse program. Paris was the last powerhouse player and she has been gone for nearly 4 years. Page still has some good players that are loyal to the program. Page will still be one of the top 5 teams in the county. The reality is even with Cayla King out with her ACL injury NW will be the best team in the county by 20 points per night. If Page can finish 2nd in the conference, then they will be well suited for the playoffs.

  8. It’s about Coach Johnson establishing his program for Page. Yes, they are entering a challenging conference but if he maintains and the players buy in to his message then they will be just fine.

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