Former Appalachian QB and former Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver Armanti Edwards now playing for the Toronto Argonauts

This young man’s legend never stops growing…He led the Appalachian State Mountaineers to National Championships, and to the best years in their football program’s history, and then he got drafted and played for the Carolina Panthers and not as a quarterback, like he was in college at APP, but Armanti Edwards was moved to wide receiver and that position has kept him in the game, on the pro level, for over seven years now…

Armanti Edwards is now lining up at WR for the Toronto Argonauts and like Tom Sorensen from the Charlotte Observer is saying, it is just good to see Armanti Edwards on the football field, and still in the game….

It has been a long and winding road for Edwards, but his legend is not fully developed yet, and his trail and football tale has taken him from the United States, to Canada, and now maybe even beyond…….

Armanti Edwards, a true football legend and you can read more about how he got there, when you
CLICK HERE for Tom Sorensen’s look at Armanti Edwards at the Charlotte Observer….

Carolina Panthers’ coach Ron Rivera once said that Armanti Edwards was his top player in training camp that year and we find out, that is not always a good thing……