Looking for a new Team Mascot? Do Not Choose a Snake:When they say NO Snakes, they mean, NO SNAKES!!!!!

Demons, Sharks, Devildogs, that’s OK…

But what about the Rattlesnakes or the Copperheads….

Thanks, but no thanks, says the school board down in York County, near Fort Mill, South Carolina…

Catawba Ridge Copperheads, NO. Catawba Ridge Rattlesnakes, NO..War Birds, Rapids, Catamounts, they will go with those, but NO SNAKES!!!!!

NO Snakes for Catawba Ridge High School and that’s how it will be down in York County/Fort Mill South Carolina…..Fort Mill would have been the first district in the state to pick a rattle snake as the school mascot.

CLICK HERE to read more about the NO SNAKES policy down in South Carolina, just over the border, from Charlotte, North Carolina…..

When they say NO Snakes, they mean, NO SNAKES!!!!!