Some wild names in line for the new Fayetteville minor league baseball team:Fatbacks, Fly Traps, Jumpers, Woodpeckers, Wood Dogs others???

The Houston Astros Class A Carolina League farm team is currently housed in Buies Creek and they go by the moniker, the Buies Creek Astros, but when they move into their new stadium, in downtown Fayetteville, N.C., in 2019, the team will have a new nickname and it could be a bit crazy and maybe even flashy with the choices for the new Fayetteville minor league baseball team, coming from the following:

Fayetteville Fatbacks
Fayetteville Fly Traps
Fayetteville Jumpers
Fayetteville Woodpeckers and
the Fayetteville Wood Dogs

Those are the five finalists and I think that I would go with the first one, and call the team, the Fayetteville Fatbacks….

Crazy, but catchy and catchy is usually good in baseball…..

The Fayetteville Fatbacks and what do you think about that???

Maybe going from catchy to classy, but if they called the team, the Fort Bragg Jumpers, that might be a nice team tag too…

How about that? A nice team tag and going with the Fort Bragg Jumpers’ name…..

But, you have to think, that the Fayetteville Fatbacks would really stick and sell a ton of merchandise and that is the key in that business….Shirts, caps, bucket hats, team jerseys, you name it and they can make it, and they will sell them in the merchandise store….

A new team in a new town, but Fayetteville had a team in the South Atlantic League back in the day, and that team was known as the Fayetteville Generals, in its last incarnation….

But, you have some choices and you can go with catchy, or classy and pick/select the Fayetteville Fatbacks or the Fort Bragg Jumpers and to me, the Fort Bragg Jumpers, sounds much better than the Fayetteville Jumpers, but in the grand scheme of all things considered, in this world of 2017 and beyond Minor League Baseball, if the Fayetteville Fatbacks don’t win the “Name the Team Contest”, money will be missing…..

Read more on the new team and thoughts on the new team name, when you CLICK HERE…….

*****They do talk about strange/crazy team nicknames in the post/article and one of my favorites is the, Topeka Train Robbers…Also a drop in there for the Batavia Muck Dogs, and the Montgomery Biscuits…Have seen the Muck Dogs and the Biscuits at the plate in the past….*****