New High School Football Coaches in Guilford County as we hit the 2017 Fall Season…

Lots of Guilford County high school football coaching changes as we are in the Summer of ’17 and here is what we have seen so far, as we hit the stretch run, headed to the Fall of 2017, and high school football in Guilford County….

*****New HS Football Coaches in Guilford County:*****
Ragsdale High SchoolJohnny Boykin
Northwest Guilford HSKevin Wallace
Page HSJared Rolfes
Southern Guilford HSJason Bradley
Western Guilford HSBryant Miller
Southeast Guilford HSKennedy Tinsley
Northeast Guilford HSEarl Bates

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  1. Folks complain about student-athletes transferring freely. Young adults need consistency. Every two-four years some high schools bring in a different coach, and he brings with him values and traditions that are too uncanny to those players.

    Since parents have to pay $45, GCS should allow open enrollment. If a parent can get his/her child to another school, then let the student-athlete leave his designated district.

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