Notes coming out of Monday night’s East-West All-Stars Basketball Games with news and notes from players and Coach Furlough(Plus the word on “The Bird”)

We had 5 local Guilford County kids and one coach(Kim Furlough-Northern Guilford High School) in the Monday night NCCA Basketball games at the Greensboro Coliseum…

Women’s/Girl’s Game:
J’nai Millner(Morehead High School) with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals and Millner shot 5-8 from the field…..We did not get to speak to Millner after the game, in the post-game session, but we noted she had one of the top defensive stops of the night and it came late in the game, when her West team needed a stop/steal and Millner made it happen and she gave her team the ball back and allowed them to have a chance to go for the win…
Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford HS) with 6 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal….
We spoke to Lashonda after the game and she said she will remember this week for getting along with her West teammates, for learning how to work to get more playing time and how you have to work to earn the PT/minutes and that you have to work equally hard on both ends of the court, on offense and defense….As the level goes up you have to attack the game differently and it just doesn’t come easy and as for her career, Monk says it is all about attitude and she says she will have to have a much more dedicated attitude toward improving her game, as she prepares to go to college at East Carolina….Monk knows she will have to battle for playing time, when she gets to ECU….
Coach Kim Furlough(Northern Guilford HS):
About the week leading up to the game, Coach Furlough said she will remember the relationships that the coaches and players formed and the bond that they built…The teams were only together for just a couple of days, so they had to bond quickly….Not much practice time, but Coach Furlough said the players did a good job of picking up the system…Coach Furlough also said her team showed excellent hustle and she agreed that J’nai Millner made a heck of a hustle play late in the game to provide the West with a huge defensive spark….
Coach Furlough also said that she hasn’t ruled out wanting to coach college basketball one day…..Her children, son Matt and daughter Sammi, have moved on to college and that might open that college door for Coach Furlough to hit and get to the next level in the future….College coaching would be a possibility, if the opportunity, presents itself….

Men’s/Boy’s Game
Reggie Davis(Northwest Guilford HS):
Reggie with 24 points and if the West won the game, Reggie would have been your MVP…Several throw-down dunks and Davis went 3-6 from three-point range….Reggie was also 3-3 from the Free Throw line….Reggie said the highlight of All-Stars Week was being able to meet so many different people….Lots of new friends and a chance to step up his game and he really turned up his game another couple of notches tonight, at the Greensboro Coliseum…Reggie said he can’t wait to get to Lynchburg College and plans to make his game even better than it was in high school, but if he had to back and do it all over again, e wouldn’t change one thing, other than the fact that he would play harder and work to play every game like it was his last one….That’s how Reggie Davis played on Monday night at the Greensboro Coliseum….The one thing for college Reggie wants to fine-tune about his game, is his ball-handling…

Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford HS):
For the “Spice Man”, 15 points on the night and with the total evaluation, he was the top point guard on the floor on this night….Spicer played this game like he was on the outdoor court at Jefferson School, over off of New Garden Road and he was breaking down the defense all night long….Spice Man, had his dribble game working and made a few passes that would put Steph Curry to shame….Jalen Spicer said it was a great week and he loved his teammates and his coaches, Sean Vestal and Brian Franklin and that they were all great guys….Jalen told us that he is very confident and that he feels he has a chance to win, every time he takes to the basketball court….He has that will to win and his team did not win on Monday night, but he won over the hearts of a nice number of new fans….The crowd was roaring when the “Spice Man” went to work and he was breaking that East defense down…And he said that has to work much harder on that “will to win as he heads to college at N.C. A&T….Spicer said the Free Throws must start to fall when he becomes an Aggie this Fall….Spicer 0-4 at the charity stripe on Monday night…Spicer may give the N.C. A&T Aggies a guard in the mold of “The Iceman” Thomas Griffis when “The Spiceman” gets to A&T…Griffis is currently the boys basketball coach at Grimsley HS….From “The Iceman” to “The Spiceman”, sounds kind of nice man…..

Kam Langley(Southwest Guilford HS):
Kam with 7 points on Monday night and it was hard for him to get into and find the flow of this game….Kam worked to get into the game and with the time he had, he did a good job out there on Monday night…Kameron said it was fun hanging out this week with the players from both teams, the East and the West, but he said his West teammates were a crazy bunch and very fun to be around and interact with….Kam said in hindsight, he would not change a thing about his high school career….He got to play on the same team with his twin brothers Keyshaun and Kobe and spent one year on the team with his older brother, K.J. Southwest Guilford won the NCHSAA 4-A State Championship in his last game as a Cowboy and Kam agreed with Jalen Spicer, they both want to work to make N.C. A&T a winner….Kam wants to win and Spiceman wants to win and they both might end up at PG for A&T, or they both might end up in the backcourt at the same time for the Aggies, playing as combo guards….Kam can go and Spiceman can go and they will take N.C. A&T in a positive direction….Kam said the biggest difference from high school to All-Stars and to college is the fact that in high school, he just took over and ran the show and now he has to slow down and see which way the show is going…..In high school Kam had no choice, he had to make it happen and now he will have to see the game, in a more detailed approach….

Best of luck to all of these kids and coaches and we also had ‘Big Kit’, Elizabeth Kitley(Northwest Guilford High School) working on Monday night, as the team manager for the West women’s team….

*****The star of the show, for at least part of the night on Monday night at the Greensboro Coliseum, was a loose bird, flying all around, inside the Greensboro Coliseum….It was not Larry Bird or Sue Bird, but a pigeon that found a home in the basketball building….Flying all over the place and occasionally even landing on the coliseum basketball floor…You had “The Spiceman”, “The Iceman” and “The Bird Man”, a real live bird, inside at the Greensboro Coliseum, on Monday night…..*****