Conditioning Coach Jimmy Lamour:From starting 4 Games Senior Year to an All Region Collegiate Defensive Back

From starting 4 Games Senior Year to an All Region Collegiate Defensive Back
from Coach Jimmy Lamour, strength and conditioning coach at Next Level Performance……

I can tell my story all over again as it relates to the stories of so many athletes. I was undersized, but had a lot of heart. That is what my coaches told me, but it was code for sitting the bench in my opinion. Let’s just say a senior CB at 5’9″ 145 with a 4.66 40 yard dash is not exactly D1 material. I remember sitting on the bench by Miramar HS in Miramar, Fl waiting for my older brother to pick me up after the game and wondering if I really wanted to continue playing this game. I was not playing at all and missing some good recruiting opportunities. In fact, it was not until the last four games that I received an opportunity to play.

Coach Brown, which played DT at Alabama in his “Hay Day” convinced the coaches to take a closer look at my abilities. He was my weight training coach and saw how focused I was as well as how hard I worked to get better. He asked our head coach if I could play man to man coverage against our best WR’s. I did very well and the next week I was starting. I was able to receive All-Conference honors with those 4 games. I remember our head coach at the end of the year banquet saying he wish he would have played me much sooner. I believed coach and it just reinforces a message that I always relay to the athletes I come in contact with. You have to be thankful for every opportunity you have and be prepared for that opportunity. You never know when it will arrive again.

We will have opportunities in May and June of 2018 for athletes to receive evaluations by College football coaches with our New Level Performance Camps powered by Dymatize Nutrition. This is a rare opportunity as every camp I have been to I have not seen any college coaches or an evaluation system where you actually receive a position specific grade from 0-100%. You can see what our camps are about by clicking the video link

Thank you to Coach Brown & Coach Lang for that opportunity in HS. It has helped me become a hard working man and a “chamber” man. It was a blessing to have had the opportunity to play the game.