Downtown Roundball Challenge coming to Downtown Greensboro August 5 and 6:Check out “Warmup Videos” from Hampton Courts

Kenny Slade with the latest word on the Downtown Roundball Challenge….Click Below

Travel Teams welcome, AAU Teams welcome…
Kenny and the Kids at the Hampton Courts….Click On Below

4 on 4 hoops in Downtown Greensboro….
(8-man rosters)
+++++Double-Elimination and each team is Guaranteed Three Games…..+++++

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Call Kenny Slade at 336-965-0888 for more details….
Check out Kenny and Lance talking UGLY for the Tournament….Click On Below,,,,

*****Bringing it back to the ‘Boro, “Back to School”, The Downtown Roundball Challenge for 2017….*****

+++++Taking it to the hoops at Hampton Courts+++++
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