East Zone Colt Baseball Tournament hits rain delay on Thursday night and in the end Game One Final:Western Branch 4-2 over Kempsville

Final:Western Branch 4, Kempsville, Virginia 2

Bottom of the 6th Inning in Game One, on Day Two of the East Zone Colt Baseball Tournament and rain hits Grimsley High School with one of those Pop-up showers coming over and shutting things down for at least an Half-hour at around 7:55pm….They are hoping to resume and finish this game and Greensboro White is due up next and set to play the nightcap vs. The Nightline Team, later on tonight at Grimsley High School, we hope…

Score at the end of 5 1/2 Innings as they take it to the Bottom of the 6th:
Western Branch 3
Kempsville, Virginia 2

Games set with the Semifinals at 3pm and 5:30 on Friday at Grimsley HS and the Greensboro Green team is due to face Western Branch at 5:30pm on Friday, at Grimsley High School….