We just got done at 1:30am and East Zone Colt Final in Game Two goes in favor of Youngstown, Ohio, 13-8 over Greensboro White

Final Score:Yountstown, Ohio Colt All-Stars 13, Greensboro White 8

Game Two Final on Thursday night/Friday morning at the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament, at Grimsley High School and this one ran a little/quite a bit late due to the Rain Delay that pushed the games back, with Game One ending at around 10pm and then Game Two got done right at 1:30am and that might be a new Greensboro Youth Baseball/Colt Baseball record for latest ending in Greensboro Baseball history…..We’s like to know if there was ever a game that ended later than this one….

I remember an ACC Tournament baseball game one year at the old NewBridge Bank Park that finished at around 1am, but tonight’s might be right at the latest Greensboro baseball game finish on record…..We will see what we can find out….

Tonight’s/this morning’s game bounced around a little bit with Youngstown leading early 8-1 after one Inning and then it was still 8-1 after two, then Ohio on top 8-2 after Three Innings and then Greensboro rallied hard to make it 12-7 Ohio at the end of 5 Innings and it became 12-8 Youngstown at the conclusion of the sixth inning and Greensboro was almost all the way back home, but Ohio added one more run in the top of the 7th and they went on to win this contest, 13-8…..One for the books tonight/this morning and would not have been the one who was keeping the book/scorebook for this one, but it is DONE and the Fun has just begun…..Youngstown won and they will be back at it on Friday afternoon vs. Kempsville at 3pm…See full Friday schedule below……

Coming up on Friday at Grimsley High School in the Colt East Zone Tournament:
Youngstown, Ohio vs. Kempsville, Virginia at 3pm
Greensboro Green vs. Western Branch at 5:30pm