Greensboro Green makes East Zone Colt Baseball Finals with large win over Western Branch on Saturday:Championship Game on Sunday at 11am(Greensboro vs. Youngstown for a trip to Indiana)

*****Greensboro Green vs. Youngstown, Ohio for the Colt Baseball East Zone Title on Sunday morning at 11am, at Grimsley High School.*****
+++++Youngstown, will have to beat Greensboro Green twice on Sunday to claim the Title/Championship…Greensboro just needs one win on Sunday, either in Game One or Game Two, if necessary, to take the Title/Championship and earn the trip to the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana, next week…..+++++

Finals from Saturday afternoon at Grimsley High School, in the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament:
Greensboro Green 17, Western Branch, Virginia 3…5 Innings
WP:Jacob Edwards(Southwest Guilford HS)
Youngstown, Ohio 8, Western Branch, Virginia 2

Greensboro Green now in the Championship Game on Sunday morning at 11am, at Grimsley HS…

Western Branch, now with one loss will now face Youngstown, Ohio, also with one loss, in what will be an Elimination Game at 2:30pm, at Grimsley HS….The winner of this game(WB or YO), will face Greensboro Green in the Sunday morning game and whoever meets Greensboro Green on Sunday morning, must beat GG twice in order to claim the Title and the right to move on to the Colt Baseball World Series, next week in Lafayette, Indiana…Greensboro Green, now (2-0), after their decisive win on Sunday afternoon….Green won their opening game 16-4 back on Thursday and took today’s game in 4 1/2 Innings, 17-3……

Greensboro Green means go, and with a roster of 18 players, they have 16 of those players that can pitch if necessary and needless to say, this Greensboro Green team roster is deep, in talent…..Edwards(Jacob), no doubt, is one of the top high school pitchers in the state and must have been hitting 80-85 mph on a regular basis today/Saturday….The score was Greensboro Green up 17-1 going to fifth and final inning and Edwards tired some and walked in two runs to make the final 17-3, but when you have run support like Greensboro Green does, you can turn Edwards loose and let him keep on going/throwing….

Greensboro Green needing just one win on Sunday, to wrap up the Colt East Zone Title and then move on to Lafayette, Indiana next week….

*****With the possibility of a team like Western Branch having to play three games or more on Saturday, that is probably why the Championship Game was moved to Sunday morning at 11am and the early start time gives the out-of-town team a chance to get out of here and on the way home, at a decent time on Sunday afternoon….*****

+++++If Western Branch lost to Greensboro Green in Game One and they did, then they play Youngstown(Game Two) and if they won that game they would face Greensboro Green again(Game Three of their day) and if they won that game, then they would have to face Greensboro Green again in the Double Elimination process, and that end up the Game Four/Fourth Game of the day for Western Branch, on a Saturday and it might be very tough on them, to have rested pitching that could climb that mountain…..+++++