What the coaches are making:Football Coaches Salaries from Sunday’s N&R with Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin

Here is what the Guilford County football coaches were making during the last school year(2016-2017) and for the amount of time they put in it is a very tough grind, especially when you hit the last weeks of November and early December and the only thing that keeps you going is that ‘Playoff Drive’, but the coaches don’t get any payoff for the playoffs….They need to give these guys a few more bonus incentives in their contracts….If you win 10 games in the regular season, you get this bonus, for each round you advance in the playoffs you get another increased bonus and if they would get some extra incentives, that would sure be a plus…..There seems to be some preseason pay, but no post season pay or bonuses…..How about a new truck like the coach got in the movie ‘Facing the Giants’, or some meals or gift certificates or something in that regard…..

But here we go with a look at what they(the Guilford County high school football coaches) were making last school year, from Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin at the News and Record…..CLICK HERE for the full feature from the N&R…..


Here are the combined teaching salary and football coaching supplement (including preseason pay) for each of the 15 Guilford County Schools head coaches during the 2016-17 school year as provided by the district:

 COACH                   SCHOOL              BASE SALARY     SUPPLEMENT  TOTAL 
 a-John Patterson 	 Andrews	     $62,150	     $6,185	 $68,335 
 Steve Davis	         Dudley	             $57,930	     $6,660	 $64,590
 a-Kevin Gillespie	 Page	             $57,930	     $6,460	 $64,390
 b Earl Bates	         Southern Guilford   $56,270	     $6,660	 $62,930
 a-Tommy Norwood 	 Ragsdale	     $56,610	     $6,316	 $62,926
 Wayne Jones	         High Point Central  $55,990	     $6,060	 $61,960
 a-Fritz Hessenthaler 	 Southeast Guilford  $54,590	     $6,660	 $61,610
 Darryl Brown	         Grimsley	     $54,470	     $6,660	 $61,130
 Doug Robertson	         Eastern Guilford    $54,470	     $6,570	 $61,040
 Eric Rainey	         Southwest Guilford  $54,710	     $4,872	 $59,582
 c-Jared Rolfes	         Northwest Guilford  $50,480	     $5,560	 $56,040
 a-Jason Lippard	 Northeast Guilford  $44,100	     $5,960	 $50,060
 d-Adam Clay	         Western Guilford    $42,350	     $4,820	 $47,170
 Brandon Wiggins	 Smith	             $40,600	     $4,960	 $45,560
 Erik Westberg	         Nothern Guilford    $39,350	     $5,960	 $45,310

a- No longer coaching in GCS; b-Now at Northeast Guilford; c-Now at Page; d-Teaching but no longer coach in GCS.