JV High School Football Scores for Tonight:New Season of ’17:Wild Game with Northern Guilford over Grimsley, 49-48

Baseball from Downtown:Delmarva Shorebirds 1, Greensboro Grasshoppers 0

Football Finals coming in and we are adding them in as we speak/link…+++++Looking for more scores…..+++++
Varsity:Mallard Creek 28, Scotland County 21
McMichael 38, Martinsville 14
Southern Guilford 20, Ragsdale 6
Northwest Guilford 26, Smith 12
Northern Guilford 49, Grimsley 48
Eastern Guilford 22, Northeast Guilford 16
Southwest Guilford 48 Southeast Guilford 20
Page 27, Davie County 13

Some of the games that are still floating around out there……
Western Guilford at Morehead
WS Parkland at High Point Central
No games for Dudley, HP Andrews and a few others….

8 thoughts on “JV High School Football Scores for Tonight:New Season of ’17:Wild Game with Northern Guilford over Grimsley, 49-48

  1. I did not realize that Andrews is short of players. Has this happened before? Has the Andrews student population dropped, are kids losing interest or did the new $45 fee have a small impact? I am surprised that a city school did not have enough players. I always thought this was only an issue some of these rural county schools.

  2. Andrews’ numbers have been in decline for the past couple of seasons and it has hurt Western Guilford and Southern Guilford too..

    In some of the areas of the county we have seen steady ‘player movement’ and others areas we have seen a flight away from football toward other sports…

    The concussion issues will be the next issue that will change the football numbers, wait and see, there will be a slow, but obvious change coming in the future and parents will begin to take their children away from football as the Concussion cases from the NFL, start to flood the courtrooms…

    This may be 10-15 years down the road, but it is coming and as the minister used to say, back in the day, “There is Coming a Time”…..

    *****Ragsdale also playing with lower numbers these days.*****

  3. I have heard that kids splitting off to HP Central and Southwest has hurt Andrews. I also wonder how much of kids “specializing” in particular sports has had an impact. There are SEVERAL kids at Southeast that only play basketball, but would be good players if they played football. Same with wrestling.

  4. Thanks for that score on McMichael and Martinsville..We need all the scores that we can get up here on Fridays and Saturdays and Mr. Hinshaw and Mr. Adkins up at the Smart Chevrolet of Madison will be happy to hear about McMichael and the Phoenix’ win….

  5. Like most schools im sure, there are plenty of kids at SE that only play one sport who I know would be starters and big time players at other sports. Sad to see, but that seems to be the norm now a days.

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