A look back at Southwest Guilford over HP Andrews last Thursday and HP Central’s win over Southern Guilford from last Friday night from David Saint-Hilaire

Southwest Guilford Prevails against a struggling T. Wingate Andrews team
from David Saint-Hilaire(GreensboroSports.com)

Mason Chu was set to start on Friday night on a humid, yet pleasing summer night. He was said to be the best backup in Guilford County and as Greensboro Sports radio’s Big Kris said “Chu can start for plenty of other teams in Guilford County.” The first throw of the game resulted in an interception for the Cowboys and immediately coach Rainey decided to pull Chu out of the game. It was indeed a devastating loss for the Cowboys because they indeed had a potential starter in place for their superstar Quarterback Jaren Rainey. The freshman Devin Flowers came into play and ended up throwing a pair of touchdowns to finish off the night.

It was the defense for the Cowboys that really set the tone for the game. The presence of John Oxce was exciting for the Cowboys as he was the unequivocal leader for a Cowboys team that had relied upon the superstar Jaren Rainey for a while. The running back for the Cowboys, Tyree Graham, also played a huge role in the 20 points scored for the Cowboys. He finished with a rushing touchdown and a nice receiving touchdown at the beginning of the game.

In the end, it was the defense that won the game for the Cowboys. The presence of John Oxce really elevated the game for Southwest because it gave them the advantage against the non-existent air attack Andrews had. It appears that defense does win championships, just ask Coach Steele from Greensboro Sports Radio 2.

The Deandre McBride Show
from David Saint-Hilaire(GreensboroSports.com)

“I’m anticipating the Curt Irvin show tonight and I predict he will light up A.J. Simeon Stadium with his explosiveness” Kris Walser says from Greensboro Sports Radio 2. It was an interesting night as High Point Central ensured a victory against Southern Guilford on a chilly Friday night. Although Curt Irvin was found in the back of the endzone on a fourth and goal play on a back shoulder throw, the 5’ 9” senior was not the only significant player of the night. It wasn’t a player who was taller than Irvin either. It was the 5’5” senior, Deandre McBride that executed in all facets of the game.

Although Irvin was attributed with both a rushing and a passing touchdown, Deandre McBride essentially won the game for High Point Central when he intercepted a pass from the freshman QB from Southern Guilford and brought it back for 6 in the third quarter of play. That was his last pick out of three for the night. Crisp had a difficult time finding his own receivers; By halftime, he had completed more passes to McBride than to his own receivers (2-1 ratio).

The defense played very well in the first half and only gave up one touchdown that was given by a long drive in the third quarter. Toward the end of the game, McBride stood tall and didn’t allow a catch for any receiver he was covering, which allowed John Saunders Jr. to run out the clock and win the game for High Point Central. It was a matter of what superstar would shine that night, and High Point Central’s Mcbride was shining all night.