Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – August 31, 2017

Thursday’s Game of the Week Stream 2: Page vs Dudley with Kris Walser and Dennis White.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 8 – 9:40 PM

Page (2-1) – 14
Dudley (3-0) – 19

Northwest Guilford (2-1) – 13
Southeast Guilford (3-0) – 28

Statesville (2-1) – 13
Northern Guilford (2-1) – 21

High Point Andrews (0-3) – 18
Smith (1-2) – 24
East Forsyth – 42
North Forsyth – 0

Glenn – 58
Carver – 0

Eastern Guilford (2-0) at Grimsley (1-1)
High Point Central (2-0) at Southwest Guilford (1-1)
Western Guilford (0-2) at Ragsdale (1-1)
Northeast Guilford (0-1) at Southern Guilford (0-2)
Bishop McGuinness (0-2) at Alleghany (2-0)

Harrells Christian (2-0) at High Point Christian (2-0)

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  1. Man that was a good game. Everyone expected Page to get blown out but they played a hard game, beat themselves

  2. Page didn’t beat themselves…. They played their best. Dudley DEFENSE won the game..despite all of the penalties on the Panthers

  3. Dudley defense wasn’t that good, Page fumble on the 1 was all on them Dudley didn’t do nothing, and the young sophomore QB has some learning to do. All the talent and only won by 5. But aye they’ll dominated 3A football. Great game tho.

  4. Great game by both teams. More surprised at Page and disappointed in Dudley. They aren’t has good as myself and other fans thought they were.

  5. Man that was a great played game by both teams. I thought page was going to get blown out, they’re better than i thought though. That young QB will only get better

  6. Yes indeed that defense is good, minus those two huge plays the DBs gave up they shut Dudley High power offense down.

  7. Andrews lost to Smith??? What’s really going on with the program in HP. Coach Wiggins is getting those Smith boys right tho

  8. Dudley and Page are both young teams. Big plays and mistakes are a part of football. Dudley is not going to blow every team off the field this year. However, they did find a way to grind out a win against a very game Page team tonight.

  9. Andrews had no practice in May June or July coach just had them lifting half heartedly and bounced on them. New coach took over August 1st. They had not ran any plays all summer, had no quarterback and no coaches. They are getting better each week look out in October and November.They are in good hands now.

  10. And @Page Alum Dudley at 3A has about the same number of guys in the team when they won the State 4A & Page lost. So, don’t try to add a snide remark about their efforts. Both teams tried their best tonight.

  11. Not so fast Dudley fans! Mt Tabor might have something to say about that. Just as big as Dudley good QB that can run with a 6’5 WRs and a fast defense. Former NWG and Reagan HC Greg King is the OC and he has them clicking

  12. Not so fast Dudley fans! Mt Tabor might have something to say about that. Just as big as Dudley good QB that can run with a 6’5 WRs and a fast defense. Former NWG and Reagan HC Greg King is the OC and he has them clicking

  13. Page looks down right awful at times on offense and Dudley too. Neither team in my mind is a state contender after what I saw tonight. This Page team should be 1-2 right now if not for a last second miracle in week 1. If not for the defense we would be 0-3. Guess that’s cause the new HC didn’t mess with it.

  14. it was a very hard fought game by both squads. Page is going to get tons better and learn from this loss. Hats off to both teams for bending but not breaking on defense, and getting 2nd half shutouts. Congrats to Dudley on the win!

    @ Really

    Come on…. Davie has a strong program over there.
    Page is starting 2 guys who played JVs last year in the backfield, they are going to take their lumps early on..

  15. The HBCU recruit scored on three Division 1 recruits. Entrapped in the midst of three Dudley defenders, Page’s slot juked two and scored.

    How Bout Dat

  16. @ Coach

    Thank you. My comment is not an attempt to diminish the young Dudley defensive players’ accolades. They earned their scholarship offers; nevertheless, it was a 1 on 3 situation, and Assad bested them.

    Page vs Dudley is a family affair. Sometimes family fights. The looks on the faces of coaches, players, and families after last night could have won a photographer a Pulitzer Prize. Agony, surprise, and anguish on all sides showed.

  17. Dudley has 3 D1 guys out rite now. Not to many teams would be able to recover from that. A few other players are playing hurt. Depth is a problem rite now. Hopefully we can rest some guys in conference play.

  18. Well congrats Anwar, maybe that young man can help Page score more than 6 points if they get back to the title game. Good luck.

  19. @ 336 Ninja

    Thank you. Page has what it takes to reach the state championship game. As for the intangibles…I can only pray.

    A trophy or something should commemorate a game of that magnitude.

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