We may have seen the best RB in Guilford County tonight:Malachi Manness with 349 yards rushing and 3 TD ‘s for RHS Tigers

Final Score:Ragsdale 27, Western Guilford 18

Prince Deese, Ricky Adams, Harold Odom, Toney Baker, Jarious Drayton, and you can add the name Malachi Manness to list of great Ragsdale High School runningbacks….

Malachi Manness is as good as any of the names mentioned above, at least for one night, he might be your best runningback on the field in Guilford County, in 2017….

Malachi Manness with 349 yards rushing and 3 TD’s and this kid is not only big, he is fast, I mean real fast…..He ran a 4.35 40 at a college football combine this past Summer and the kid has real good size and real good speed…

I saw all of those Ragsdale backs that we mentioned above when they were running for the Tigers and I played against a few of them, and let me tell you, Manness is one of the “main men” among those men….

Mannness scored three touchdowns against the Dudley Panthers’s defense last week and even if Dudley is going with starters and reserves mixed in together, that defensive unit is as good, as any defensive group in the state….

Manness is a handful and if you don’t wrap him up, he is gone….He ran for 80 yards on one of his touchdown jaunts on Friday and he sure knows how to keep those legs moving and get the extra yards….

Same can be said for Western Guilford’s quarterback Edrick Purnell….Purnell can ran the sidelines like he owns them and he toes that line and runs loose/wide-open, like he just got done cashing a check at the old Friendly Avenue Wachovia, near Western Guilford and Guilford College….

You put Manness and Purnell together and you have two Guilford County kids that need to be playing in the East-West All Star Football game next Summer(2018)….

It was a back-and-forth game tonight in Jamestown, with Ragsdale defeating Western Guilford, 27-18….Ragsdale now sits at (2-1) overall and Western Guilford falls to (0-3)….A couple nice games on GreensboroSports Radio over the past two nights, with Dudley over Page 19-14 on Thursday and Ragsdale topping Western Guilford on Friday, 27-18…

Put Malachi Manness on up there with Prince Deese, Ricky Adams, Harold Odom, Toney Baker and Jimmy Bolling and don’t leave Jarious Drayton, from last year’s Ragsdale team, off of your list…..

This kid should be going DI, Manness is “The Man”…….

Ragsdale(2-1) at Southwest Guilford(1-1) next Friday night and Ragsdale will be bringing a strong running attack led by Malachi Manness to ‘The Ranch’…..

Trey Jackson had a good night at QB for Ragsdale and threw for one TD pass and went to either Treyveon Pratt(#13) or Tre Good(#3) and either way, it was good for six….Devan Boykin finished the game at QB for RHS and if you look back there at the Ragsdale backfield and you don’t see Malachi Manness, the year must now be 2018, or somebody stole the man called Manness…..

Watch out for Malachi Manness in that Ragsdale game at Southwest Guilford, next Friday night….

Tonight, Western Guilford had the football first-and-goal four times and could not crack the “Tiger Code”/end zone and therefore WG left at least 24 points off of the board and they were looking to get in by the run and then when they finally got back to RHS 10 again late in the game, the Hornets put the ball in the air with Purnell connecting with Michael Bowens, for the WG TD….

Ragsdale had their chances too, but really both teams were missing out on opportunities to put the game away and they would end up not coming away with any points at all…..

Great job on hospitality over at Ragsdale from their Athletic Director Brian Herndon and he does a super job of hosting the guests/fans on those ‘Football Friday Nights”…..

And for Coach Johnny Boykin, taking over for and replacing former Ragsdale Coach Tommy Norwood, Coach Boykin, is doing OK, he really is doing OK and that spells well so far in 2017 for the Ragsdale Tigers and Coach Boykin is doing of good job of building up that RHS football program and it doesn’t hurt when you have a kid like ‘The Malachi Manness’ in your backfield…..

Push on and hard/straight ahead, Ragsdale Tigers and Western Guilford Hornets…..

As In walking away, other RB’s along with Manness, that we need to be keeping an eye on this season…
Malachi Manness(RHS)
Chad Stephens(Southeast Guilford HS)
Born Lesane(Grimsley HS)
Zariek Rush(Dudley HS)….But he is out with injury and I think it is concussion-related….
Caleb Andrews(Northwest Guilford HS)
Sincere Davis(Page HS)
Nate Johnson(Western Guilford HS)
Curt Ervin(High Point Central HS)
Assad Alston(Page HS)

Who are the others that need to be added to this list and how many more need to be added on?????

Check out this video on the Malachi Manness support team during the Ragsdale-Reidsville scrimmage back in August, at Eastern Guilford and you have to love the love and support being shown for this young man from his family and they have been rewarded with a strong start to the Malachi Manness senior season at Ragsdale…

Click On Below to check out the video….