Racking up those Guilford County High School Football Stats/#’s after the First Four Weeks of ’17 Season(We are in updating-mode as new #’s come in)

Some of our schools don’t have their football stats listed at MaxPreps, but here is what we have been able to dig up so far, after the first 4 weeks of the 2017 season….These are the only reporting schools on board we have so far, and that includes those with 4 games under their belt…Take a look and let somebody at the school know if they haven’t turned in their stats and make sure they get them to us, or to MaxPreps soon…

http://pateandlester.com/?=1 Passing:
Jakob Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) 38-87/710 yards/43.7%/236.7 per game/9 TD’s/2 INT’s
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 31-43/605 yards/72.1%/151.3 yards per game/9 TD’s/O INT’s
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 35-76/562 yards/46.1%/140.5 yards per game/7 TD’s/4 INT’s
Caleb Homol(High Point Christian) 37-85/557 yards/43.5%/139.3 per game/9 TD’s/3 INT’s
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central HS) 36-61/544 yards/59.0%/136 yards per game/5 TD’s/3 INT’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) 49-79/496 yards/62.0%/124 yards per game/3 TD’s/0 INT’s
Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) 21-32/488 yards/65.6%/162.7 yards per game/3 TD’s/2 INT’s
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 33-57/435 yards/57.9%/108.8 yards per game/5 TD’s/3 INT’s
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS) 48-75/405 yards/64.0%/101.3 yards per game/4 TD’s/1 INT….

http://iggygarcia.com/?p=648 Rushing:
Malachi Manness(Ragsdale HS) 583 yards and 8 TD’s…We need his total carries…
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 446 yards/70 carries/3 TD’s…Purnell with 1,008 Total Yards and 10 TD’s
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 355 yards/66 carries/4 TD’s…Simpson with 960 Total Yards and 13 TD’s
Nate Johnson(Western Guilford HS) 355 rush/66 carries/1 TD
Monterious Godfrey(HP Central) 339 yards/59 carries
Chance Clency(HPCA) 298 yards/41 carries/5 TD’s
Zariek Rush(Dudley HS) 295 yards/24 carries/5 TD’s
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 243 yards/33 carries/3 TD’s
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) 236 yards/40 carries/2 TD’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford) 226 yards/50 carries/6 TD’s
Caleb Andrews(Northwest Guilford) 194 yards/47 carries/2 TD’s
Chad Stephens(Southeast Guilford) 187 yards/19 carries/2 TD’s
Braxton King(Southeast Guilford) 165 yards/24 carries/1 TD
C.J. Thacker(Smith HS) 147 yards/34 carries
Darrell Roberts(Eastern Guilford) 139 yards/38 carries/4 TD’s
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford) 137 yards/36 carries/2 TD’s

Maradi Receiving:
Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford) 487 yards/20 receptions/5 TD’s
Justin Jullian(Northern Guilford) 344 yards/14 receptions/6 TD’s
Christian Cheeks(Smith) 301 yards on 14 receptions and 3 TD’s
Ford Moser(Northern Guilford) 294 yards/16 catch/2 TD’s
Nigel Fitzgerald(Dudley) 277 yards/14 catch/5 TD’s
Michael Bowens(Western Guilford) 260 yards/10 catch/3 TD’s
Nic Cheeley(Eastern Guilford) 258 yards/22 catch/2 TD’s
DeAndre McBride(HP Central) 225 yards/15 catch/1 TD
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 215 yards/12 catch/5 TD’s
Barry Ford(Smith) 208 yards/15 catch/1 TD
Brent Apple(Southeast Guilford) 192 yards/22 catch/2 TD’s
Michael Wayman(Dudley) 172 yards/7 catch/2 TD’s


  1. Think a few players were left off this list , especially in the rushing category. Tariq Ridges at Northeast has been putting up big numbers and Born Lesane from Grimsley has been doing well also!!!

  2. Not sure why more schools don’t update stats on MaxPreps. For that matter, not all schools even have their rosters listed, or even some that do are incomplete. What a great recruiting tool for some of these kids to get their names out there. A lot of hidden talent in Guilford County.

  3. I know coaches don’t get paid much, some are volunteers. Still I see 8 to 10 guys standing around on the sidelines, you would hope someone could enter and update the stats.

  4. We found Ta’rique Ridges and his passing was low at 94 yards, but his rushing was real good at 236 yards on 40 carries with 2 TD’s in 3 games….

    If you folks hear of more that need to be on the list and can help us find the stats, let us know….


  5. Numbers from Page, Grimsley, SE Guilford, Southern Guilford, Andrews are missing. Coaches are busy. The numbers are for the readers. The coaches and the kids know who the ballers are

  6. Good call on Christian Cheeks…He was hiding up above Barry Ford and we saw him now and he is in…

    Good Call….


  7. We got Southeast Guilford updated and thanks to Coach Kennedy Tinsley for getting us the Falcons’ numbers…

  8. Looks like Jordan Williams numbers should change. Christian and Barrys numbers equal 509 passing yards and I know the running back and other receivers have receiving yards. Just saying…….

  9. Stats have Jordan Williams at 435 passing and the team at 646 receiving..

    Maybe another QB threw a few passes for Smith this year too….

  10. Douglas had 2 rushing in the first game @ Andrews and I know the one at Grimsley.

    Only stat that matters is how many W’s can we get.

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