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Football in Focus Tonight at the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue and the kickoff time will be 6pm….Be sure to join us and listen at
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KickBack Jack’s will have all of your college and NFL games on the big screens this weekend and Tonight we will be begin to set up the lead-in into the football weekend, with Joe Sirera from the News and Record in to talk high school football with us, and we look back at last Friday night’s games and then peer ahead to what is on the slate for this Friday evening….

Also some college and pro football talk with Joe and he will let us know, on the show, where the N&R high school football coverage team is going to go/will be, this Friday night….

Joe Sirera at 6 and then we will check in with Dennis White from and GreensboroSports Radio….

We will talk to Dennis White about last Friday night with Durham Hillside at Dudley and the Panthers’ 14-7 win over the Hornets and we will look closely at how the Panthers are getting it done, with so many lineup changes due to their injuries this season…..Looking at this week’s game with Dennis as well…..

Dudley at Southeast Guilford on Friday night and we will bring on board 3 Falcons, from SEG and see what they have been up to so far this current season of ’17, and then get down to what has to happen for Southeast to knock off Dudley at SEG, on Friday….

Jax Hackett, Trey Love and Jaylen Guy on the way in to KickBack Jack’s tonight and you can hear what they have to say when you tune in to
GreensboroSports Radio….

Jax, the LB, Trey the DE and Jaylen the DB/WR/RB/KR and the Falcons set to join us tonight, and we might get a late visit from the SEG Falcons’ head coach Kennedy Tinsley…..Coach Tinsley a former Dudley Panther and UNC Tar Heel….

Tune in tonight and check out the show from KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, beginning at 6pm on GreensboroSports Radio…..

KickBack Jack’s your home for College Football and the NFL this weekend and we will get you warmed up tonight with quite a bit of high school football talk, as we start looking ahead to Friday night and all of the high school games in Guilford County…..

Football in Focus, tonight from KickBack’s Jack’s on Battleground Avenue and you can catch the entire show at GreensboroSports Radio….

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