Sports Entertainment in Focus:Andy Durham “Bustin’ Loose” with Bruce Mitchell from

****We check in with Bruce Mitchell from the Pro Wrestling Torch…..*****

Bruce Mitchell and Andy Durham talk about Global Force Wrestling/GFW and is the clock ticking on this professional wrestling organization??? The future and how does it lay out with Andy and Bruce….
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Bruce Mitchell on Ric Flairs’s Health Issues and will there be a return to the ring, once the ‘Nature Boy’ gets healthy again…..Ric Flair, past, present and future with Bruce and Andy….
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We talk with Bruce Mitchell, from the Pro Wrestling Torch about the defections from Ring of Honor Wrestling/ROH to the WWE and as Bill Goldberg used to say, “Who’s Next?”……Many moves on the professional wrestling scene since we last spoke with Bruce, and now we have it all back on-line and rolling for you when you,