Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – September 22, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: East Forsyth at Grimsley with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Northeast Guilford at Eastern Alamance with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM


East Forsyth (4-1) – 35
Grimsley (2-4) – 7

Northwest Guilford (3-3) – 3
Reidsville (6-0) – 47

Southwest Guilford (4-2) – 27
WS Parkland (3-3) – 24

Smith (3-3) – 14
Mount Tabor (6-2) – 42

Northeast Guilford (3-2) – 10
Eastern Alamance (5-0) – 14

Asheboro (1-5) – 7
Southeast Guilford (1-1) – 35

Southern Guilford (0-5) – 0
Page (5-1) – 41

Burlington Williams (2-4) – 7
Eastern Guilford (4-2) – 41

East Surry (3-3) – 33
Ragsdale (4-2) – 34

McMichael (1-4) – 13
Northern Guilford (3-2) – 34

High Point Central (4-2) – 42
Burlington Cummings (1-5) – 14

Jordan-Matthews (1-5) – 13
High Point Andrews (1-4) – 44

Western Guilford (0-6) – 24
North Forsyth (1-5) – 34

Greensboro Panthers (2-1) – 8
Bishop McGuinness (2-4) – 22

Western Alamance – 49
Rockingham – 6

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  1. We made way too many mistakes but I tip my hat to East Forsyth’s defense. They bring the wood and make plays!

  2. Congrats to East on beating our rival. Now for the Page East Forsyth Heavyweight showdown. Coach Rolfes v Coach Beal! Can’t wait to see these two coaches get after each other. Coach Beal and that so called great defense is in trouble! Go Page! Aaaahhhrrrrrrr!!!!

  3. Things don’t bode well for Northwest after getting smacked around by a 2A school. Hope the receiver Turner isn’t hurt to bad.

  4. Before Reidsville fans get too excited you beat a NW team that is in a full rebuilding mode. They graduated most their starters then their Head Coach bailed 2 weeks into summer workouts and took most the assistant coaches with him. Give NW a break they will be fine but it’s going to take some time to rebuild what Rolfes destroyed in less than 4 years.

  5. @NW football 2 weeks into summer workouts isn’t that big of a deal. Could be worse like Andrews days before practices started and I think the Ragsdale coaching change happened relatively late. Players have to step up into those roles that previous players had. I don’t have a dog in the fight but you can’t always blame the coaching or use the excuse of so many players graduated. Just look at what Bates is doing right now at Northeast.

  6. That young QB will be the pirates downfall, too many picks. I know the QB is young but he’s going to have to limit turnovers if we’re going to beat the good teams out there and also make a playoff run. East Forsyth will be a good test.

  7. Did your Head Coach arrive after 4th of July break? We are still missing 3 coaches on staff cause they left with the old Head Coach to go to Page and it was so late in the game that we couldn’t fill positions. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have at your school if you don’t have position coaches to coach them what good is it? Our kids have been dealt a crap hand and they are playing it the best they can. Congrats though…I know you are trying to play this one up like it’s you super bowl.

  8. Page will crush East next week. East is not the team they were a couple years ago. Our defense is going to shut down their offense. trust me on this one! Page by 21

  9. Page Fan 2,

    we all know that Page and EF do not take each other lightly. Both teams have very solid defenses, and it will be very interesting to see what happens in the ball game. But.. that there is a very bold, maybe not so informed, prediction.. i must say, but hey.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    i think most likely it will be a close game, probably coming down to who plays the better defense, special teams, and kicking game.

  10. May be a closer game than some expect but no way does Page beat EF. EF defense is a little down but Page will not find a way to stop them on offense.

  11. I rarely comment but i do frequently read this website. But watching us against Reidsville last not was not fun at all. Players look unprepared and defeated after first ten minutes. When a team looks unprepared where do i look is the coaching

  12. I am also a NW parent. I stated on this site after our 2-0 start that we would be lucky to go 6-5. At this point, I think this team would be lucky to go 4-7. This coaching staff does not use the established talent well and they are completely missing the potential talent in the 11th and 10th grade players. They have too many players playing out of position. The NW lineman is making decisions too slow. The NW CBs are simply too small to cover bigger receivers. This teams problem is not missing coaches but instead these coaches missing the potential talent at the school. The previous coach would have went 7-3 or 7-4. This coach at best will be 5-6 but I believe 4-7. Re-evaluate the talent that you are missing coach and how you are using the talent that you have.

  13. What NW showed last night was the coaching staff losing their players. The players quite on the coaching staff. The JV players quite on the coaching staff 2 weeks ago. The varsity players quite on the coaches this week. It will get worst after the next couple of weeks. This staff is not developing their current or future talent. This program will tank over the next couple of years. Players will transfer to more established programs if they can. I am sure the NW coaching staff, AD & Adm will make up a bunch of excuses as to why this is happening but you can’t deny that the players are unhappy and not being put in a position to succeed. NW is the largest school in Guilford Co. Yet they will be seen as one of the worst places to play competitive sports for men.

  14. What you observed in Reidsville on Friday night was a contrast of football cultures. Reisdsville, though its families, players and community, has been in the process of,winning that game, and the next game, and the next game, etc., for a decade or more. The level of commitment from the NW football families, players and community is nowhere near that level, maybe even nonexistent . And that’s not due to a new head coach being hired in June.

  15. If you think Rolfes left NW because Page was his dream job, you are delusional.. Rolfes is from Ohio. He never heard of Page before he came down here. He left because he realized how bare the cupboard is at NW.

  16. But what about those college levels players at NW? I am pretty sure that Cloud, Turner, Ashley and Hoff, the four real guys, all transferred into the program (legitimately) during high school. And if Hoff hadn’t transferred from Northern this season and if Ashley hadn’t come from Grimsley last year, the Vikings would have lost to Smith and Northern this season. 1-5 with the home grown talent.

  17. But you don’t win n High School with stars, although they don’t hurt. You win with players, and families, who are willing to put in the time and effort to become great, even if the player himself will never get noticed. At Reidsville, little Jimmy and his family stick it out if he is is not a middle school starter when he is in 7th grade, and little Jimmy and his family work hard, for years, to be part of the Reidsville program and tradition. Little Jimmy at NW goes and plays soccer when some football adversity sets in. Ever wonder how a school with 2000 students has only one kid who can sort of play QB? Or how a school with 2000 students has maybe3-4 linemen big enough to play 4A football? That’s how.

  18. Amen. Amen. Amen.
    NW has a poor culture within the varsity program for men.
    NW does not develop talent well with this staff and they are clearly missing on the younger 11th and 10th grade talent.

  19. Reading weekly criticisms of Northwest Guilford’s football woes indicate that excuses pervade certain communities when adversities beseech them. I recall some losing seasons at Dudley with an ACADEMY and OPEN SCHOOL. Excuses were the last things given publicly. Schools have begun coaching staffs who lack football IQ. I wonder how many players from NWG will be at Page next season.

  20. Not so fast aiming at the varsity levels, or even the high school level. Successful programs don’t start with the first day of ninth grade practice. And the poor culture is not within the school programs, it is within the NW Community. Until families, and players, commit to working hard for a long time, on their own, there is not much the athletic department can do.

  21. I think it is time to chill and ease up on the coaches and let your school rest and let’s say we all ease up and go and enjoy some college football on this Saturday…

    It does not get any easier for Northwest with West Forsyth up next and everyone knows what they are getting into when the season gets going, so we all have to take it with a stiff upper lip and keep on chugging…

    NWG has a player on the Middle School team named Rotweiler and when gets up to Varsity all will be well, because he will be dog-gone good and ready to take you toward the Promised Land….

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