For NASCAR Drivers who protest during the National Anthem Richard Childress says, ” It’ll get you a ride on a Greyhound bus”(Is it time for us to all Stand and Unite as One?)

NASCAR’s team owner Richard Childress speaks out on the National Anthem Protests and Childress says go ahead and protest during the anthem and disrespect the flag and the men and and women who fought to defend our nation(which is what the anthem and flag stand for) and this is what it will get you, according to Mr. Childress……

“It’ll get you a ride on a Greyhound bus.”

Childress said he told his team that “anybody that works for me should respect the country we live in. So many people gave their lives for it. This is America.”

Richard Childress standing up and speaking out for our nation and those who fought to defend it…..

Is Richard right or are those on the left in the right spot on this topic…..

What was it Lee Greenwood said in his song?????

Something like, “And I’m proud to an American where at least I know I’m free….And I won’t forget the men that died to give that right to me, and I’ll proudly STAND UP(and not kneel) and defend her still today, ’cause there is no doubt I love this land, GOD BLESS THE USA”!!!!!

Is it time we all Stand Up together and respect our nation again?????

Here is what I heard on the radio a while back, “God Bless America again, look at all the trouble that we’re in”……That may be an understatement right there brothers and sisters…..


  1. Richard Childress is as tone deaf on this issue as everyone else that is upset by it. They make it about EVERYTHING EXCEPT what it is meant to be about. Burning the flag would be disrespecting it, taking a knee is simply saying we as a country aren’t living up to what the flag is supposed to stand for.

  2. I don’t mind the locking arms but I am with Childress on disrespecting the flag and therefore those that died to keep it flying. The main problem I have with this whole deal is no two people have the same story as to what this IS really about. It sounds mainly like it has morphed into a common hatred for Trump. I am not a Trump fan and I also think that Trump was very stupid for bringing this almost dead nonsense back to life. Well look I did not agree with Obama most of time but I have respect for the office and our country.

  3. I think President Trump was trying to come across as ultra-patriotic but his choice of words did nothing but divide our/the people…

    Tom Brady saw this as divisive, Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke out, but with a very uplifting choice of words, but Lebron James went over the top in what he said, but he was really trying to get back at Donald Trump and put Trump in his place….

    We have to find some way to pull together as best we can as brothers and sisters of all races and nationalities and one of the best ways to do this will be for the President to focus more on the issues facing Health Care and the problems we are facing with North Korea…Get back to the script and stay with the agenda.

    Too much Twitter on the Anthem Issue and more detail and delegation needed on the core political problems that our nation is facing…

    We have to find a way to Unite as many of our people as we can and it comes from us all having tolerance and respect for each other….

    I still believe we should stand for the National Anthem and if we have problems with racial intolerance take those issues down to the local courthouse and if there is problem with the President, form a group and march as a whole unit on the White House….

    I wish we could back to supporting The Anthem and having everyone show the proper respect to the flag that is deserves…

    Too much divisiveness and too much division, would be good to see the people coming together again…

    Lots of work to be done on all fronts….

  4. I respect Mr. Childress’ sentiments. I also respect the sentiments of the dissenters. I think there may be a better forum for the public airing of their sentiments. Sports bring us together. Teamwork brings us together. Good mentoring by good coaches brings young men and women together. Pro athletes have a wide forum of publicity. I just think the field of play is a poor choice and a selfish choice.

  5. The kneel in the NFL means one thing only. STOP play and this is what will be ask to do down the road. Stop playing the national anthem!!!! Don’t be fooled it just takes awhile to get enough on that side without telling the truth about what is the real issue. Then to blame Trump is amazing. These plans and protest started before he became president!!
    Remember until the 9pm the night of the election everyone had him loosing.
    Best example I can give you is Obams care is like taking a kneel and say it’s for health care for everyone. What they forget to tell us is it will fail and the big picture is single payer government run health care. They have to slowly get people on there side without telling the real truth.
    So wake up America they are slowly taking away the values this country was founded on while calling it a protest
    name one thing that a player protesting has said would make them stop protesting
    They will tell you after they think enough is on there side Which is STOP playing the anthem at games

  6. You stated “poor choice and selfish” of using the court or field of play as the means to protest. The only reason that you are likely concerned or upset about these choices is because it forces you to consider or think about the issues at hand. The protest is around issues that most of white America rarely (if ever) has to face within their household. It is easy to say that these protest should only take place at the courthouse, downtown or just some wherever. The problem is that someone like you would likely not participate or seek out information about the protest in these cases because its out of sight and out of mind. The issues that are helping to create these on court/field protest are the result of issues being moved up to a new level of awareness for the whole community to consider. I can discuss an issue all day long in my house but until I take it to the front yard my neighbors will never know what was happening.
    I believe the reality is that most of white America (especially the white males) don’t care about these issues and would prefer that it all goes away. Whether white males want to hear it or not, these issues are real and happening across our city, state and country daily.
    No parts of our community should be left alone to address issues that affect those that we care about. In public we all say that we care about each other and that we would stand with our neighbors at a time of need. Unfortunately on some of these issues white males are showing that they would prefer to support the racist agenda of a mad man in office or wrongful law enforcement than stand up for their neighbor in the community.
    I often see minorities and white women speaking in public against a lot of the foolishness that is coming from the white house these days. I don’t hear the white male voices. This president is doing all that he can to divide us all and make each of us choose sides. I am sure many people were at a crossroads back in the time of major civil rights debates/marches, back in a time just prior to the coming of Hitler, back in a time during slavery in the 1500-1800s, or back in a time prior to Christ. We all have our chooses in life and will meet our maker one day. I hope you decide to make the right chooses when your maker ask you “where were you when ______ ?”

  7. So which side you on JESUS or satan?
    That’s the only two to pick from
    God bless everyone

  8. To “The Truth is about to shine”.. Stop with that Alex Jones crap. You are only trying to do exactly what Trump is attempting to do – simply change the story or focus by putting something into the conversation that has nothing to do with the issue. This issue is about how blacks are treated by unlawful/bad cops that continue to get away with literal murder. It has nothing to do with the flag. The flag is almost an innocent bystander to this issue. The people protesting have never said anything about not playing the national anthem. Changing the story does not fix the problem. People like you, the Alex Jones of the world, Rush, Hannity, Fox News, Laura Ingraham, etc. You clearly don’t understand the issues, don’t care about those issues and you would prefer to have the old laws and policies in place that for hundreds of years would not even allow a person such as me to compete or have a fair chance. If you are this person, then you are no better than those that created or maintained slavery, racist laws, segregation, etc. Don’t get caught up in the noise. Think for yourself what others are having to face. People don’t protest for nothing. People don’t put their families and friends in harms way for nothing. There is a lot going on in places beyond your front door.

  9. I hope you don’t believe people don’t protest for nothing
    Have you ever watched them interview people protesting and can’t even tell the reporter why they are protesting
    I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona to sell you if your interested

  10. What’s more disrespectful to the flag and the country, kneeling during the anthem or using every deferment imaginable and spending hundreds of thousands of your daddy’s dollars to avoid serving your country?

    That’s what Trump did to get out of serving in Vietnam, and yet he’s the one who escalated this.

    And please don’t accuse me of being a bitter Clinton voter. I didn’t vote for her, either. Two morally bankrupt scumbags, just from different parties. Whichever won, the country was going to lose. Sad that they were the major party choices.

  11. Hey jd wasn’t that Bill Clinton that was the draft dodger?
    And while you are being honest about who you voted for
    You vote for him? And if you didn’t vote at all what’s your problem?

  12. And when did the President loose his freedom of speech that everyone keeps crying about?
    That’s right, you have freedom of speech from the left when it’s what they believe in
    Got it. Almost forgot that one point

  13. “Tim”, part of being President of the United States of America is making wise decisions for the COUNTRY. The current President didn’t do that with his remarks about the NFL. If you don’t believe me then just look at his own supporters that took issue with his comments, for WHATEVER REASON.

  14. I tell you how this country has changed/evolved….

    I was flipping through the channels on the TV the other night and caught an old Sonny and Cher Show as they were closing out their program and Sonny said to close out the show as they were leaving out, Sonny Bono said,
    “God Bless and have a good night”….

    And that was on Sonny and Cher with Sonny saying, “God Bless and have a good night”…

    Don’t think you will hear that from any of the shows going around today and it was on the Sonny and Cher Show of all places, but that was probably from 30-40 years ago….

    Always good to see Cher in her younger days and Sonny was no dummy, although often times he was projected to be the slow one of the duo…

    He had a very good directive from the night I heard him close out that show….

    And for sure, for sure, times have changed….

    You look at our President and he holds the highest office in our land and he gets called a bum, an idiot, a dummy(often times in other terms), a fool, and many other titles on National Television and we just go on with it and all of this just seems to fuel his fire/Tweets….

    If you ever watch or listen to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you know where I am coming in from….

    We all move on and take it with a grain of salt and pass along with the season and the seasoning, or so it seems….

    We seem to have a lot of internal problems in our land/nation and if anybody has a solution or a plan to get us through all of this and back together again, please step up to the platform now…

    It seems like we have to incur some type of natural disaster or tragedy for the USA to come together and for the most part, the togetherness does not last long enough….

    As the old song said, “Sure could use a little Good News today”…….

  15. @Tim

    I didn’t vote for either Clinton in any election. I voted for Bush the elder in 1992 and Perot in 1996. Ironically, Trump did vote for Bill both times. His voting in NY is public record.

    Trump also contributed to Hillary’s first senatorial run ( Hell, he even invited both of them to one of his many weddings ( He was trying to bribe them to gain political favors for his businesses, in case you were wondering.

    Not that it’s any of your business, but I voted for myself as a write-in last year because I’m more honest and qualified than either of the morally bankrupt scumbags the major parties nominated. I wouldn’t have voted for Hillary if she were the only choice, but I wasn’t going to vote for a fake Conservative egomaniacal opportunist like Trump, and here’s why:

    Because your comprehension skills seem to be limited, I never said the President shouldn’t be able to speak out. I just think a draft dodger loses the moral high ground when he’s talking about patriotism.

    I respect his First Amendment rights as well as yours. Thanks for engaging in a little healthy debate. I apologize for introducing facts into it and ruining your arguments.

  16. Tone deaf where you been the last eight years?
    Hibernating, it’s been going on from the president and the fake news covered it up. You guys kill me have you ever looked in the mirror and said the things you say. Your own brain would call you out

  17. “Tim”, President Obama made a lot of pretty good decisions IMO, whereas it seems that The current President can’t make any good decisions. He is supposed to be a deal maker, but he hasn’t made any real deals, instead of bringing people together he says things that pushes them further apart, and the guy that is supposed to “make America great again” is doing everything that he can to destroy our relationships with other countries. So Tim, you tell me, where have you been the last 9 months………….

  18. I would like to hear some of them good decision Obams made
    Don’t just say he has made them
    List please
    TDS will kill you
    Go see your doctors for 8 year prescription

  19. And by the way there was a group posting against me last year that Trump would never b elected
    One person even said thet it would be a cold day in hell before Trump would be elected
    I pray this person is still living because Trump got elected and I bet you it hasn’t been a cold day in hell

  20. Hey there’s JD back
    You thru protesting
    Clearly you stayed quiet because your guilty on the question I ask

  21. Hey you guys let me know if you want one or two
    I’m having shirts printed up
    On the front it will say
    Proud to be an American were at least I know I’m free
    On the back will say
    Can’t wait to vote for Trump in 2020

  22. @Tim

    I answered all your questions, and you clearly don’t like it when somebody fires back at you with facts — kind of like your idol Trump.

    Now I’ll go back to work to pay for your mental health care. You clearly have serious issues that will need years of treatment.

  23. “Tim”, he authorized the mission that took out Bin Laden, the decisions that he made during the economic downturn pretty much saved the American auto industry, he actually reformed the Health Care system in America (20 million more Americans now have healthcare), he ushered in an era of clean energy that will pay dividends for generations to come, and just for good measure he actually cut taxes during his time in office. All of those things helped to turn the economy around. There is more, but I’m sure you know that.

  24. President Donald Trump’s problems with the NFL go way back to his days with the USFL….

    Trump tried to buy two NFL teams, the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills, but in the end he felt like the cost of the NFL teams was too expensive and he went ahead and bought into the USFL, by purchasing the New Jersey Generals for 6 million dollars…

    Trump brought Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie to the N.J. Generals and made them a viable team and wanted the NFL to absorb the USFL and for there to be a merger like there was with the NFL and AFL, but the NFL said they didn’t need the USFL and they didn’t need Donald Trump…

    Then the USFL took the NFL to court and the USFL won their lawsuit and they were awarded their value of the overall court settlement of, Three Dollars/$3.00…It began as one dollar and with the size of the league/USFL, the award reached a whopping $3.00…

    Trump went hard after buying the Buffalo Bills around three years ago, but he lost out on his bid of 1.2 Billion dollars and when he was out-bid, for the Bills, he turned his attention toward running for President…

    Trump said it was much cheaper running for President, than it was owning and running an NFL team…..

    Trump said forget the Bills and bring on the Health Care Bills…..Much cheaper battle to catch the dollar Bills, now in Washington….

    True story and much more details to this and layers to this onion, than we have time to slice up here….

  25. I do know that story but it doesn’t matter why Trump said or did ,the NFL looses this battle. If the NFL doesn’t make changes they will loose the WAR. The fans are the customers and they will hurt the pockets of the owners and it trickles down to the players.
    I just hope the players realize they’re being used by the left to push a agenda before it’s too late

  26. I know I had fun yesterday with the comments that Andy allowed to be posted I hope everyone else did also
    When we as a country keep giving up the values that America was founded on and fought for eventually everything else will crumble over time
    And JD wish I would have known u ran for president and saw your signs. Might have changed my vote

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