On today’s NCAA Basketball Iceberg tipping FBI says:“If you yourself engaged in these corrupt and fraudulent activities, I’d encourage you to call us,”/”It’s better than us calling you.”

It is looking to get real nasty with the FBI ready to take down NCAA/College Basketball and the FBI said what we are hearing today, is just the tip of the Iceberg….More charges are coming and the FBI has a way of proving they are all about taking action and what we are seeing today, is just not some sort of idle talk/discussion…..This is the REAL DEAL!!!!!

Beware of the next/upcoming moves from the FBI and here is their prior warning that was printed over on YAHOO! Sports and this pretty much tells like it was/like it is/like it is going to be…..

This, a statement by said undercover FBI agent, should terrify every coach in America:

“Because today’s affidavit is being submitted for the limited purpose of establishing probable cause, it does not include all of the facts that I have learned during the court of the investigation.”

Meaning, this is the tip of the iceberg.

“Our investigation is ongoing,” FBI assistant director Bill Sweeney warned. “And we are currently conducting interviews.”

“If you yourself engaged in these activities, I’d encourage you to call us,” said Joon H. Kim, the Acting U.S. Attorney. “I think it’s better than us calling you.”

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  1. It’s sad the FBI is having to do the job the NCAA should have been doing
    I guess they where to busy on what bathroom we could use
    Karma baby

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