Graham Sporting Goods Middle School Football Scoreboard:Western Guilford football is BACK, at least on the middle school level/More Scores coming in!!!!!(NG, Hairston, SEG, NEG, SWG, SG and WG Winners)

Final Scores:
Northern Guilford 6, Mendenhall Middle 0
Hairston 30, The Academy at Lincoln 0
Southeast Guilford 8, Jamestown 6
Northeast Guilford 37, Eastern Guilford 6
Southwest Guilford 6, Northwest Guilford 0
Western Guilford 26, Kiser 19
Southern Guilford 24, Allen Jay 12
A big day for SG’s Trevon McKinnon, who scored on a 42-yard run, a 49-yard pass from Zymir German and on a 96-yard kickoff return….Zayvion DeJesus had 12 tackles for Southern Guilford and scored on a PAT run….Tyler Shuler added a PAT reception from Zymir German and German also added a PAT run…Another complete team effort from the Southern Guilford Knights….
*****Still looking for more scores and the rest of our schedule is down at the bottom of the post….*****
+++++Updating those records, but gonna need some help on those overall records, overall…..+++++

Western Guilford with a win today over a BIG Kiser team and the Western Guilford Middle School Tigers were led by the running of Jahmier Slade and Brycen Moore….Slade #10 and Moore #24 were getting it done for Western Guilford today/this afternoon…
Final Score from Doug Henderson Stadium:
Western Guilford 26, Kiser 19
Should put WG at (2-1) and Kiser at (1-2) or at (0-2)…Kiser made run late in the game behind BIG QB Travis Shaw, but the Tigers Kiser came empty on that last drive of the game and the WG Tigers, held on to win the game….Shaw’s 18-yard pass had cut the WG lead to just one at 20-19 with 3 minutes and 4 seconds left to play in the game, but WG got a good end-of-the-game drive going and scored on a 25 touchdown run by Brycen Moore and after the 2-point run failed, Western Guilford Middle School held on to win the game, but that final again, 26-19….The TD run by Moore came with just 1:45 in the contest and that is when Kiser mounted that last-ditch effort, but the WG Tigers, left the Kiser Tigers clawing and hanging at the doorstep that leads into the end zone…Way too many penalties in this game and the WG coach got ejected, but the team(s) played and just before dusk/dark at the old Doug Henderson Stadium, Western Guilford had a win again….

Going back just a bit and this was a fun game to attend since these kids are playing their hearts out and they approach it like they are playing the big time, but all must remember that this is just developmental football and for some kids, this is first form of football that they have ever played….

End of the 1st Quarter it was:
Western Guilford 8, Kiser 7
Kiser was up 7-zip when I got there, but the WG Tigers answered and took an 8-7 lead into the second quarter….

Western Guilford moves ahead 14-7 on a TD run by Jahmier Slade and the Tigers’ two-point conversion failed and the score read, 14-7, Western Guilford Middle School…Slade got into the end zone on a 19-yard run…WG hits the end zone again on a 40-yard TD pass from Jahmier Slade to Brycen Moore and that TD pass came with only 44.7 seconds remaining in the First Half…..As we hit halftime the score shows…
Western Guilford 20, Kiser 7
For WG the combo of QB Slade and WR/RB Moore were getting the job done….But the Tigers have not won this game quite yet, Kiser has a few things left to say and a play or two left for the WG Tigers…

To honest with you not much was happening/going up-down for either team offensively in the 3rd Quarter, but we still had 8 minutes left in this one and as we know, on the Middle School Football Level, anything can happen and it usually happens at the strangest times…
End of 3rs Quarter:
Western Guilford 20, Kiser 7

As we hit that fourth an Final Quarter, all of the Vince Lombardi memories from the past, hit the proverbial fan…..
With only 7:02 to play, Phillip Brown takes one downtown and with his 12-yard run, Kiser says we are not done, yet…….The Kiser Tigers got the touchdown, but their Extra Point kick was blocked and we have a 20-13 game with plenty of time remaining on that Bill Hunter/Bill Ahrens clock at Western Guilford….Travis Shaw serves up a burger with slaw, but the Tigers can’t get the Kiser pickle and that Shaw TD pass from 18 yards out/away and then the missed Xtra point, we sit at 20-19 WG Tigers with just over 3 minutes left at “The Doug”/Doug Henderson Stadium…..
20-19 Western Guilford and the Kiser Tigers were smeling what ‘The Rock’ used to be cookin’….But could Kiser get Cookin’ and get back all the way in this game and take the victory away from Western Guilford Middle School????

Not on Tuesday October 3, 2017 and not with Jahmier Slade, Brycen Moore, Isaiah Horne and other WG Tigers on the watch…Kiser got close, but each time Western shut the door and they would not let Kiser enter the “Promised Land” again….Moore’s last TD of the day, salted this game away and WG get the ‘W’, 26-19 over Kiser….

This was like watching the future of Western Guilford and Grimsley, so you will be seeing a lot of these kids down the road at those high schools in the next 4-5 years and we hit this game for today and it will be on to another location somewhere in the County next week…We try to stay as close to home as possible in the beginning of the season and we can save some gas, but as the year/season moves on we must spread our wings and fly…
Hope you enjoyed the writeup on today’s game and pull for these kids as they work on and develop their game….

I also had time to hit Northwest Guilford late, right after the WG-Kiser game and NWG fell to Southwest Guilford, 6-0….

Good job by the Kiser photographer today and each week she works hard and gets the best shots of the Tiger Kiser that she can and a shout out to her and her hard work there on their sidelines…..

Ferndale vs. Welborn Middle 5pm/A.J. Simeon Stadium in High Point
Jackson vs. Swann Middle 5pm/Marion Kirby Stadium at Page HS


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