Update on High School Football Stats as we hit/bust into Week #8 of the ’17 season

Update on High School Football Stats

Guilford County High School Football Stats Update after Week Seven of the 2017 Season(Looking for more Updates/#’s)
Page and Dudley both need to update and we have pretty much everybody else that is available in order….If you need to change your stats or you are going to update at MaxPreps, let us know….

Here’s what we have Stats-wise after Week #7 of the 2017 high school football season….Updates will be added in, as we receive them….
I have put my time in for this week brothers and sisters and this is what we have……

John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central HS) 78-124/1,084 yards/62.9%/154.9 yards per game/9 TD’s/3 INT’s
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 72-130/933 yards/55.4%/133.3 yards per game/9 TD’s/7 INT’s
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 62-101/851 yards/61.4%/141.8 yards per game/7 TD’s/5 INT’s…Not Updated for this week at MaxPreps…
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) 74-129/837 yards/57.4%/119.6 yards per game/4 TD’s/2 INT’s
Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) 46-86/830 yards/53.5%/166.0 yards per game/6 TD’s/2 INT’s
Caleb Homol(High Point Christian) 61-118/806 yards/51.7%/134.3 per game/14 TD’s/4 INT’s
Jakob Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) 38-93-/725 yards/40.9%/145.0 per game/9 TD’s/1 INT’s
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 56-118/735 yards/47.5%/105.0 yards per game/9 TD’s/4 INT’s
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 33-45/641 yards/73.3%/128.2 yards per game/9 TD’s/O INT’s….Dudley not updated this week at MaxPreps…
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS) 62-112/604 yards/55.4%/100.7 yards per game/5 TD’s/2 INT’s….
Tyler Flippin(Northern Guilford HS) 35-73 with 483 yards/47.9%/161.0 yards per game/3 TD’s/2 INT’s…
Devan Boykin(Ragsdale HS) 35-57 with 415 yards/61.4%/4 TD’s/0 INT’s…
Johnny Pagano(Northwest Guilford HS) 21-41/354 yards/51.2%/70.8 yards per game/5 TD’s/1 INT…
Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) 21-57/307 yards/36.8%/3 TD’s/6 INT’s
Devin Flowers(Southwest Guilford HS) 19-28 for 281 yards 3 TD’s 2 INT’s and his long is 40 yards……..
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) going 15-42 for 201 yards and 2 TD/1 INT…

Monterious Godfrey(HP Central) 879 yards/126 carries/2 TD…125.6 yards rushing per game….
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 726 yards/118 carries/9 TD’s….18 Total TD’s for Purnell with 1,461 Total Yards….236 Total Plays for Purnell with 118 passing attempts and 118 rushing attempts….
Malachi Manness(Ragsdale HS) 618 yards and 9 TD’s…We need his total carries(87 carries)
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) 568 yards/101 carries/8 TD’s
Nate Johnson(Western Guilford HS) 548 rush/118 carries/1 TD
Zareik Rush(Dudley HS) 508 yards/45 carries/8 TD’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford) 452 yards/81 carries/10 TD’s…14 Total TD’s for D. Graves and 1,289 Total Yards…
Chance Clency(HPCA) 393 yards/57 carries/5 TD’s
Sincere Davis(Page HS) 368 yards/77 carries/2 TD’s
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 366 yards/68 carries/4 TD’s….13 Total TD’s and 1,007 Total Yards for Simpson…
Tyree Graham(Southwest Guilford HS) 339 yards/90 carries/6 TD’s
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 330 yards/48 carries/3 TD’s
Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford) 324 yards/43 carries/4 TD’s
Davion Swaim(Northeast Guilford) 320 yards/79 carries/3 TD’s…
Javondre Paige(Page) 320 yards/55 carries/6 TD’s…Paige with 13 Total TD’s and 1,171 Total Yards….
C.J. Thacker(Smith HS) 301 yards/65 carries/1 TD
Jacob Hardy(Northwest Guilford) 289 yards/53 carries/1 TD…
Christian McMullen(Eastern Guilford) 273 yards/36 carries/5 TD’s
Darrell Roberts(Eastern Guilford) 273 yards/62 carries/5 TD’s…
Ehpraim Koonce(Northern Guilford) 255 yards on 67 carries/1 TD
Krystopher Coleman(High Point Andrews) 239 yards/32 carries
Caleb Andrews(Northwest Guilford) 231 yards/65 carries/3 TD’s
Cam Smith(Southwest Guilford) 226 yards/31 carries/3 TD’s
Stephon Hart(Smith) 218 yards/48 carries
Curt Ervin(High Point Central) 217 yards/32 carries/3 TD’s…
Chad Stephens(Southeast Guilford) 204 yards/27 carries/2 TD’s
Caleb Homol(HPCA) 199 yards/34 carries/2 TD’s…
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central) 183 yards/28 carries…1,267 Total Yards for Saunders Jr.
Kobe Dillard(Northeast Guilford) 181 yards/58 carries/1 TD…
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford) 178 yards/53 carries/3 TD’s…
Bryson Spruill(Ragsdale HS) 177 yards/29 carries/1 TD
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford) 170 yards/27 carries/1 TD
Braxton King(Southeast Guilford) 165 yards/24 carries/1 TD….Out with Injury…

Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford) 559 yards/23 receptions/6 TD’s….Injured and Out for the Season…
Ford Moser(Northern Guilford) 512 yards/33 catch/4 TD’s
Christian Cheeks(Smith) 447 yards on 25 receptions and 5 TD’s
DeAndre McBride(HP Central) 427 yards/28 catch/3 TD’s
Justin Julian(Northern Guilford) 387 yards/16 receptions/6 TD’s
Barry Ford(Smith) 354 yards/27 catch/2 TD
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 350 yards/20 catch/7 TD’s
Michael Bowens(Western Guilford) 344 yards/18 catch/4 TD’s
Treveyon Pratt(Ragsdale) 340 yards/23 receptions/2 TD’s
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford) 309 yards/18 catch/5 TD’s
Nic Cheeley(Eastern Guilford) 308 yards/27 catch/3 TD’s
Nigel Fitzgerald(Dudley) 304 yards/15 catch/5 TD’s
Curt Ervin(High Point Central) 300 yards/22 receptions/1 TD
Nick Baker(Page) 288 yards/20 catches/3 TD’s
Adam Akins(Eastern Guilford) 236 yards/18 receptions/
Ladarius Morris(HP Central) 202 yards/17 catches /2 TD’s
Brycen Thomas(HPCA) 199 yards/18 catch/2 TD’s…
Brent Apple(Southeast Guilford) 198 yards/22 catch/2 TD’s….SEG has not updated Stats…
Tre Goode(Ragsdale) 192/10 catch/2 TD’s
Niles Wright(Western Guilford) 187/15 catch/3 TD…
Chad Turner(Northern Guilford) 182 yards/12 catch/1 TD…
Cody King(Page) 178 yards/12 receptions/1 TD
Michael Wayman(Dudley) 172 yards/7 catch/2 TD’s
Assad Alston(Page) 167 yards/10 catch/1 TD
Johnny Pagano(Northwest Guilford) 159 yards/10 receptions