The Basketball Banners will stay up/put:UNC Cleared in Academic Fraud Case

The Coast is Clear….UNC/The North Carolina Tar Heels have been cleared in the Academic Fraud Case brought on by the NCAA and today is a “happy day” in Chapel Hill and the Basketball Banners will stay up/put and they put 18 years into this investigation and now, “The Coast is Clear”…

The Atlantic Coast Conference is probably pretty happy with this result too and if you CLICK HERE you can see the document detailing the investigation’s results….They call it the “University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Public Infractions Decision” and it is dated October 13, 2017…..

The NCAA ruled that the courses were the same for the entire student body when it came to the African American Studies classes…The classes were available to any student, so according to the NCAA, that proved no student at UNC had an unfair advantage and that the athletes were not getting over on the non-athletes, everybody could take and complete those AFRAM classes, so in a way, any student, athlete or non-athlete could participate in the African-American studies classes and get in there while I guess you could say, the getting was good to get those grades that you needed/had to have….

Quite a long investigation to find that nothing was wrong or rotten in Denmark, but the song is over and I guess you have to say, for the UNC Athletic Department, “time to move on and play another day”…….

The gist from Brant Wilkerson-New at the News and Record gives you a similar summary:
In a report released on Friday morning, UNC was cleared of wrongdoing by the NCAA in an academic scandal that lasted more than 18 years, with more than 3,100 students enrolling in bogus classes in the African and Afro-American Studies department.

While the NCAA argued that the courses were geared toward keeping student-athletes eligible, the university countered that the irregular courses were available to all students.


  1. So when UNC was dealing with their accrediting body, the school said it was just a few athletes taking the sham classes so they could just get probation and keep their accreditation (and avoid losing all federal financial aid for students). But when they were dealing with the NCAA, they said there were thousands of non-athletes taking the classes through the years, too, so it wasn’t an extra benefit for athletes.

    You can’t have it both ways. Or maybe you can.

  2. JD, JD you still upset you didn’t win the 2016 presidential election
    You starting to sound like Al Gore

  3. They got off on a technicality.
    Anyone paying attention knows they are guilty as hell.
    If I was either a fan or alum of that cheating outfit I would change my allegiance. No moral compass whatsoever. This will make it harder for parents in this state to teach their children about integrity.

  4. Timmy, Timmy, Timmy I’ll kick your butt in any election any time, anywhere. I have no dog in the ACC fight. Couldn’t give a rat’s butt about any of those schools, but the hypocrisy of UNC is mind-boggling.

    Funny thing is it looks like the accrediting body is now revisiting its earlier ruling and may drop UNC altogether ( Almost restores my faith in humanity.

  5. Spot on Mr
    The school in question is major corrupt.
    The COI chair sent his information to SACS.
    Another year of probation for a tier one research university will look terrible. They threw academic reputation under the bus to save basketball. If I was an alumnus I would be mad as hell. No integrity whatsoever.

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