One Middle School Football Game Today/Tuesday with Penn-Griffin vs. Allen Jay Prep at AJ Simeon Stadium in High Point

Lots of Guilford County Middle School Football Games coming up on Wednesday/tomorrow, but just one game going on today and that is,
Penn-Griffin vs. Allen Jay(Prep) at AJ Simeon Stadium in High Point…..Start time was 5pm and if you have a score, slip in our way….

The GCS system is always trying to slip a game past us, and here they go today, with another game that the Middle Schools will play and is there any other way??? No se and just get out of the way and let them play, ON……

We will add those Wednesday games in, in the morning…..

P-G vs. AJP today at the AJ(Simeon) Stadium in HP, N.C.

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  1. AJP won on a last minute touchdown pass from Malik Roberson to Alijah Womack to take down Griffin 16-8. AJP was lead by Malik Roberson who also threw another TD pass to Trey Sauls. Tyler Moore lead the All-Stars on the ground amassing 136 yards. The defense was outstanding all night!

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