Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – October 20, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: High Point Central at Page with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Mount Tabor at Southwest Guilford with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at the game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE #7 – 10:35 PM

Mount Tabor (7-2) – 17
Southwest Guilford (6-3) – 14

High Point Central (5-5) – 0
Page (8-1) – 48

Southeast Guilford (7-2) – 34
Southern Guilford (3-6) – 21

Northern Guilford (5-4) – 21
Rockingham County (6-3) – 26

Western Alamance (9-0) – 38
Northeast Guilford (5-4) – 0

Winston-Salem Parkland (6-4) – 12
Dudley (8-1) – 28

Southern Alamance (4-4) – 14
Eastern Guilford (7-2) – 56

North Forsyth (1-8) – 24
Smith (4-6) – 27

Northwest Guilford (3-7) – 14
Ragsdale (6-3) – 56

High Point Andrews (3-6) – 34
Providence Grove (2-7) – 15

High Point Christian (8-1) – 55
Christ the King (2-7) – 0

South Stokes (4-5) – 11
Bishop McGuinness (3-6) – 7

Glenn (9-0) – 35
Davie County (4-5) – 17

West Forsyth (9-0) – 45
RJ Reynolds (6-3) – 21

Grimsley (3-6) OFF
Western Guilford (0-9) OFF

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  1. I know there has been a lot of conversations about new coaches this year. Not in Guilford county but Brad Baker at Rockingham is doing a great job. This is their 4th coach in four years. They picked up a huge win tonight and was up big before Eastern Alamance came back or they could easily be 7-2. Other two losses were to Reidsville and Western Alamance who are both undefeated. Keep up the good work coach Baker and kudos to the kids for hanging in there.

  2. Very tough loss for the Nighthawks tonight. Just a fan…..agree with your comments. Both teams played hard and it came down to the final play of the game and Rockingham held on the 1/2 yard line. That’s a good football team and Coach Baker and his staff deserve credit. Hats off to the team and coaches. Nighthawks will bounce back and finish strong too.

  3. I think we are all in agreement at this point that the Northwest Guilford players have officially quit on this coaching staff. No amount of talking points about this being his first year, look what the other coach left him, what do you expect at NW, just give him a full year or whatever. The facts remain the same – the players have quit on this coach, the coaches don’t communicate with this coach, the coach doesn’t communicate with players during the game and all parties look completely lost from the beginning to the end of games. Smart players and parents should consider what the transfer rules are now so you don’t lose another year waiting for the coaching staff to get canned 2 or 3 years from now when your playing days are done. As the best movie of 2016 said “Get Out”!

  4. The NW football coach was given too much credit for the success at Glenn as the offensive coordinator. He left Glenn yet they are having their best season ever. I am guessing it was addition by subtraction? NW is having one of it’s worst years in nearly 15+ years even with some of the best skill players in recent memory. I am guessing it is an algebra equation – subtraction (old coach) + addition (new coach) x multiplied (by good skill players) = worst season in these players lifetime (2017). Do the math people! Numbers don’t lie. NW football will be the 2nd worst in Greensboro this year and maybe the worst in 2018.

  5. Alot of people didn’t like the Rolfes hire but it’s looking more and more like a great hire by Rusty. Just waiting to see what he’s going to do with all this talent in the next 2 years.

  6. Last night at Ragsdale, NW was missing:

    4 star Tre Tuner (out of season)
    4 starting offensive line man (some out for season)
    2 starting d lineman
    1 staring LB
    1 staring safety
    And the all Confernce kicker

    Losing at a school that is used to winning is always going to be tough, but when you lose almost half of your starters to injury, teams are going to struggle.

  7. By the time your current 9th graders are seniors Northwest Guilford should be ready again…

    This is going to be a total re-build and it is time to suck it up…

    Scratch, starting over….

    If I were you, I would point to a one-game season for now with Grimsley at NWG on November 3…That is all you can do….Talking about it and ranting and raving won’t change it…

    The coaches know more than the parents do and that is why the parents are coaching Pee Wee ball and the trained coaches are coaching on the high school level.

    NWG and other schools like Western Guilford are in the same boat….Got to check on your people and make sure you have all the ones that are willing to stick it out and make something out of the situation instead of running away….

    Much of the problem is coming from what the other person said so well….

    4 star Tre Tuner (out of season)
    4 starting offensive line man (some out for season)
    2 starting d lineman
    1 staring LB
    1 staring safety
    And the all Conference kicker….

    That is a lot to lose and probably fortunate to have the three wins under these circumstances…

    It is like an old teacher told us years ago when they challenged us by saying, “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?”…..

    If you are part of the problem and want to run away and take your problems elsewhere, then it would be time to Get Out….

    The satisfaction of working through a situation like this and finding success can not be measured….

    To be a part of what it will take to turn it around will be something that can never be forgotten and it won’t come over night…

    You can stay around and be a part of the solution or you can take your problems and run away, but all you will be doing is taking those problems to somebody else’s doorstep…

    Stick around and turn it around….May take a lot of change, but this will be a character building process…

    It is tough, but good things are worth earning and now if you are Northwest you have a one-game season and you also have to remember that there will be another team on the other side of the ball too and you have to work to go beat them…

    It is more fun to work and nearly die in an effort to win than to go out there and win easily…It is not easy and as another teacher said in years past and this fits us all as we read together today…..

    Welcome to the Real World….This is how it really is and it always won’t be just like you want it and you have to work your tail off to change it….

  8. Again with the excuses for this NW coach. It is starting to sound like a Donald Trump press release – always trying to cover up for what is lacking in the top seat. This team has lost by an average of nearly 30+ pts in the 7 such games this year. They lost by nearly 50 in the Reidsville, Page, SW and Ragsdale games. Yes Tre got hurt in the 1st half of Reidsville but he is not worth 50 pts. Yes a few other guys have gotten hurt over the past 5 games or so but are you telling me that any one of those players are worth 40+ pts. These same games last year NW had several major injuries that included Tre, Thomas (App State player), the quarterback was out 1/2 the season and multiple lineman down for games at a time – yet all of the games were fairly close. I have seen more blow out losses this year than I remember combined in the past 10 years.
    It is hard to win with good players down & hurt but it is impossible to win when your players have quit on you. These players don’t believe in the system, they don’t believe they are getting better with this coaching staffs program and they don’t respect this coach.
    NW will be worst next year because a number of players will either transfer or quit. If you want to get recruited, you quickly realize that college coaches won’t have much to do with this coach unless you are a no miss player. Players that need development are in the wrong program. No one can list anything that is better with this coaching staff compared to either of the past couple of coaches. Sad times.

  9. If you have some good ideas go volunteer your services, maybe the kids need to work harder and stop giving up and you need to support your coaches and get off of their back…

    We need to let the leaders that are in charge do their work and if these kids are quitting they are not only quitting on their coach they are quitting on themselves and that needs to be corrected on several fronts…

    Time to break this off and hit it at another time…

    Let the bosses go into the board room and there are two weeks to get ready for the next games and if the players don’t want to play, maybe they should just stay home and the ones that want to really play need to step up and show us something….

    Break time…

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