High School Football Games this Week(10/27/17) in and around Guilford County

*****All games set to kick off at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted…..*****
Grimsley(3-6) at Page(8-1)
North Forsyth(1-8) at Dudley(8-1)
Burlington Williams(4-5) at Southeast Guilford(7-2)
Western Guilford(0-9) at Southwest Guilford(6-3)
Ragsdale(6-3) at High Point Central(5-5)
Morehead(2-7) at Northern Guilford(5-4)
Northeast Guilford(5-4) at McMichael(3-6)
Southern Guilford(3-6) at Southern Alamance(4-5)
High Point Andrews(3-6) at Trinity(4-5)
Statesville Christian(9-0) at High Point Christian(8-1)
Bishop McGuinness(3-6) at Mount Airy(9-0)

Eastern Guilford(8-2) OFF
Ben L. Smith(4-6) OFF
Northwest Guilford(3-7) OFF


  1. It was always said that Grimsley has more school spirit than Page… lets see how that Away side looks on Friday night at Marion Kirby Stadium.. it was a poor showing last time Grimsley played @Page… SAD

  2. CLICK HERE for that video and going back to around 1987…..

    Here is some wild video from the Page and Grimsley rivalry, with this one coming in from 1987 with Grimsley getting the late field goal to win 10-7 and I think this one was from the playoffs and of all things, Charlie Atkinson was the News and Record reporter that wrote the game story for the N&R….

    Interesting piece of history here….Kirk McGuinn was a hero at Grimsley for several days after that game….

    I remember games from over the years where Donald Moore Jr. won the game for Page and a game where Gavin Segall-Abrams won the game for Grimsley and those two were pretty good kickers too…

    Check out that video and hope to have more to build-up this week’s game as Friday gets closer….

    On both Donald Moore Jr.’s kick and Gavin Segall-Abrams’s kick, they both had to kick it twice due to penalties, whereas Donald Moore Jr’s kick went through good the first time, and he still hit the second attempt to make it official, Gavin Segall-Abrams for Grimsley missed the first kick and got to kick again, due to a Page penalty and on the second kick, he won the game…

  3. Check out the old goal posts from back in the day and 1987 was not all that long ago….


    What are we talking, 30 years ago???

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