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CLICK HERE for the 4-A Projections and the Page Pirates have moved from the East to the West this week…..

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  1. Once more the NCHSAA powers that be have done it again. They took a perfectly good system last year and made it into one that has BYES in both 4A and 4AA brackets as well as in the 2A and 2AA brackets. They cannot leave well enough alone and in the process they screwed everything up. They just cannot seem to help themselves.

  2. One last point. Very few coaches like open dates. This is especially true for the first round of the playoffs. If a team has an open date the last playing date of the regular season then a BYE in the first playing date in the playoffs that means that they will have a 2 week break before they play. 2 weeks of practice is a negative in terms of a team keeping its mental and physical sharpness. The one exception is if a team has injuries to several key players and can heal in that period of time. Dudley for exaample when they lost to SWG.

  3. Correct GLENN GOSS!!! Not only did they screw up a perfectly good system they are costing themselves $$$. Byes mean no gate $$$. Not real sure the reasoning behind it. It appears what they really need is to just make a 5A division.

  4. Oh and BTW did anyone notice there is a 1-8 team seeded #2 with a first round Bye. Idiotic!!!!

  5. From what I recall regarding realignment, they reduced the number of playoff teams in 4A/4AA and 1A/1AA from 64 to 48 (since they were hit the hardest with realignment) which is why we’re seeing the bye weeks. Spencer Dixon is exactly right, this will end up costing the state a ton of money in gate receipts. Doesn’t make sense. And to your point also, how many teams will be sitting at home while a 1-8 team is playing?

  6. Tigerfan the reason there are bye weeks is because they moved many of the 4A schools down to 3AA and many of the 2AA teams up to 3A. That left them with fewer teams in 4A and 1AA to fill the playoff brackets. There was absolutely no reason for them to do this. A coaching friend told me that a coaching friend of his was in the NCHSAA meeting in Chapel Hill and they voted to leave it as it was but by the time he got back home he learned that the NCHSAA Powers That Be voted to change it to the messed up format we are having to use this year. You are correct in that they are losing money. The sad thing is that the schools that have the BYES are the big losers. they lose money (gate receipts and concession money) as well as having to wait another week to play. As a FB coach I will tell you that I had rather play than sit. Realignment happens every 4 years and has nothing to do with this mess. They simply take all the teams in each division that qualify for the playoffs and sub divide them into 2 groups. Don’t even ask me how a team with 1 win get’s into the playoffs. That too is ridiculous. They say the reason they do not go to a 5 division system is because teams would have to travel farther to be in a conference because of the lack of 4A schools in certain areas. But SC has 5 divisions. I realize that SC is not as big in size as NC so i am not sure about this. My suggestion is to allow all the teams to play in the conferences they are now in but at the end (for the [playoffs) lump all qualifying teams into one group and then divide them into 8 groups and they play in that group regardless of what their classification is during the season. So if a 2AA team is in a larger playoff division then so be it. There are a lot of 2AA schools that are larger than many 3A schools in terms of their student population. This is my 50th year coaching HS FB so you can see that I have had many more frustrating years than most people dealing with some of the things the NCHSAA does. Go Wildcats. BTW Tigerfan and Spencer Dixon thank all of you fans for supporting your school. The kids appreciate you more than you know.

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