Week 12 NCPreps.com Top Ten Poll with Dudley #3(3-A’s) and Page at #9(4-A’s)/MaxPreps Statewide Rankings for Playoffs and Current Football Playoff Projections from HS OT/WRALSportsFan.com


The new High School Football Top Ten Poll is up and running at NCPreps.com and we see the Dudley Panthers(9-1) at #3 for the 3-A’s and Guilford County neighbor Western Alamance and their Warriors(10-0) just behind Dudley at #4 in this week’s Week 12 poll for the NCHSAA 3-A schools…

The Page Pirates(9-1) from Guilford County are at #9 in the 4-A rankings and just above them and just across the border in Forsyth County, you have the Glenn Bobcats(10-0) at #8 for the 4-A’s….Way up near the top in the 4-A’s, you’ll find the West Forsyth Titans(10-0) in the 4-A Poll….

Our neighbors to the north, the Reidsville Rams(10-0) are your #2 team in the 2-A poll…..

This week is a BIG week for high school football with Glenn(10-0) vs. West Forsyth(10-0) and you have the #1 4-A team Wake Forest(10-0) vs. the #5 team, Heritage(10-0)…..Heritage also from the Wake Forest area down below Raleigh, in the eastern part of the state…..These are some of the biggest games in the state for this year/season…..

Plus we have the local key games with Dudley at Mount Tabor and Page at Ragsdale….

Top 25 Ranking from MaxPreps.com….Numbers to the right of the school are Rating, Strength of Schedule and the Plus/Minus report….
Dudley at #16 and Page at #20 and this ranking ranks all of the schools from the state of North Carolina, as one whole group…Next up from Guilford County is Eastern Guilford at #52……

1	Mallard Creek (Charlotte)	55.8	24	--
2	Wake Forest	                49.8	15.8	--
3	Charlotte Catholic (Charlotte)	48.8	19	--
4	Harding University (Charlotte)	48.5	26.5	--
5	Scotland (Laurinburg)	        42.6	23.7	1
6	Heritage (Wake Forest)	        40.9	8.1	2
7	Glenn (Kernersville)	        40.6	11.8	5
8	Charlotte Christian (Charlotte)	40	18.8	3
9	David W. Butler (Matthews)	39.8	30.8	-4
10	West Forsyth (Clemmons)	        39.6	17.3	--
11	South Point (Belmont)	        39.5	8.9	-2
12	Shelby	                        39.3	15	-5
13	Marvin Ridge (Waxhaw)	        38.9	15.9	6
14	Reidsville	                38	2.5	--
15	Myers Park (Charlotte)	        37.9	21.1	1
16	Dudley (Greensboro)	        37.1	14	-3
17	East Duplin (Beulaville)	37	4	3
18	New Hanover (Wilmington)	37	7.2	-1
19	Providence (Charlotte)	        36.9	31.1	2
20	Page (Greensboro)	        36.7	20.6	-2
21	Western Alamance (Elon)	        35.8	0.3	16
22	Hoggard (Wilmington)	        34.5	6.4	-7
23	Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey)	34.5	6.2	1
24	Davidson Day (Davidson)	        34.2	0	-2
25	Hough (Cornelius)	        33.8	20.6	-

CLICK HERE to see the full rankings of all of the schools in the state….These rankings will be used to help the NCHSAA seed the teams for the football playoffs this coming Saturday at the NCHSAA offices….

CLICK HERE for the Current 4-A Playoff Projections from the High School OT at WRALSportsFan.com…..

CLICK HERE for the 3-A Playoff Projections…..

CLICK HERE for the 2-A Playoff Projections….

CLICK HERE for the 1-A Playoff Projections…..

Here is a very good breakdown from a while back at WRALSportsFan.com and the High School OT and it shows how the break the teams down and how they arrive at what the NCHSAA will be looking at and doing come Saturday, while using the MaxPreps Ranking System….
from Nick Stevens at HSOT:

The conference champion gets in automatically, regardless of their MaxPreps ranking. In a split conference, the top team for each classification gets in and is seeded as a conference champion, despite where it finishes in the actual conference standings and its MaxPreps ranking.

Conferences with 5-8 teams in it will get a second automatic bid. This means the team that finishes second in the conference standings will also get in automatically.

Conferences with 9 or more teams in it will get three automatic bids.

In the 4A classification, this means a minimum of 24 of the 48 spots will be taken by automatic bids. It’s possible that number is larger thanks to split conferences. For the sake of example, let’s say South View and Pine Forest (both 4A teams) finish first and second in the Patriot Athletic 3A/4A Conference. If that happens, South View will be seeded as a conference champion and Pine Forest will be seeded as a No. 2 automatic bid. There are four split conferences in the 4A classification, so it is theoretically possible that 28 spots are taken by automatic bids.

The remaining spots are filled based on the MaxPreps ranking. Overall record does not matter. That also means endowment games are now used in the seeding process. The NCHSAA will go down the line of rankings and fill the remaining spots until 48 teams are in the playoffs.

After the 48 qualifying teams are identified, the NCHSAA will split them into 4A and 4AA based on their Average Daily Membership (ADM) numbers. These numbers are not released until late October or early November each year, so therefore we will be projecting all fall with last year’s ADM numbers. The largest 24 schools will go the 4AA playoffs, while the smallest 24 schools will go the 4A class. None of that is predetermined before the playoff qualifiers are determined.

Once the subdivision are made, the NCHSAA will then break the 24 schools in each subdivision into East and West regions using the longitude of the school. The 12 schools furthest west will go the West region, while the 12 schools furthest east will go the East region. Again, this is not predetermined.

Each region is then seeded. All conference champions are seeded first based on their MaxPreps rankings, then all conference runner-ups, then all third-place finishers. After that, all at-large teams will be seeded based on their MaxPreps rankings.

Each No. 1-4 seed in all regions will receive a bye in the first round.

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  1. My thoughts with the Andrews Red Raiders they have a head coach that is a interim coach that tried to forfeit this last game with Wheatmore cause he lost to Trinity, first time ever under his watch. Fired my nephew a volunteer coach cause he disciplined a player without his approval.This coach does not meet each week, does not game plan and does not scheme and it shows. They have not had coaches meetings in 6 weeks and the players don’t watch film.This coach publicly stated he did not want to go to the playoffs, so why are they trusting him to lead this team in a game to determine second place in the conference and a playoff birth. Football players in High Point stay away from Andrews as long as this head coach is there. Raiders win this game and make this coach have to go to the playoffs, you can do it.

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