Walk in Guilford down 21-0, Walk out Guilford wins 42-38:Quakers mount comeback and win one of the Biggest Games in Guilford College history

I walked onto the Herb Appenzeller Field, or I got as close to it as I could and it was right at halftime when I walked in there today for Guilford vs. Emory and Henry, as the Quakers were battling the Wasps and at the half, Guilford was down 21-0….Some may have felt the game was already over, but De’Eric Bell and his fellow Quaker seniors had other ideas floating around in their last-year/last-season football minds…

I got in there at the half due to being in my car at the far parking lot at Guilford, over on the New Garden Road side of things near the athletic fields and was over in the car listening to the N.C. State game and State had a lead over Boston College and the only question was, would N.C. State hang on and beat the Eagles and later we found out the Wolfpack did, 17-13 over BC, and it made for a nice Saturday afternoon with Guilford and N.C. State both able to snag victories….

We call Guilford College, Guilford, since we have been on their trail since back in the late 60’s and on they march on with another win today in dramatic fashion, on Senior Day….

De’Eric Bell scored late to give Guilford the victory, 42-38 and a late pick by Guilford sealed the win….

The Quakers mount a comeback and win one of the Biggest Games in Guilford College history today, or least that is what De’Eric Bell and his Quaker teammates would tell you…..

Congrats to Guilford, as the Quakers complete the 2017 season, at (5-5)…..

+++++And oh by the way:Emory and Henry up 38-35 late 4th Quarter in the bal game, but Guilford battled back…+++++