Jack Swagger/Jake Hager was in WWE and now headed to MMA/Bellator Fighting

Jake Hager, known as Jack Swagger in World Wrestling Entertainment, has made the move to Bellator Fighting and Swagger/Hager is now going full time into Mixed Martial Arts/MMA…

Now in Bellator MMA, Swagger/Hager has left behind his life as a professional wrestler and you may remember his days in the WWE, where he won several championships/titles/belts and he was managed by Zeb Colter(Dutch Mantel)….

Hager/Swagger was an All-American wrestler in college at the University of Oklahoma….

Swagger told ESPN.com:
“I wasn’t allowed to really compete up there(WWE) even though I felt I could take anyone in the locker room,” Hager said. “Now it’s such a popular time to be a pro wrestler, to be in combat sports, to be an MMA fighter where you can really take your opportunity and put it in your own hands. That’s really why I left.”

Swagger joins Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk, as other professional wrestlers who left the WWE for MMA….Lesnar become an MMA champ, but he returned to WWE and Punk has only fought once in the MMA/UFC and he lost, so Phil Brooks/C.M. Punk is still looking for his first MMA victory…

Read more about Jake Hager/Jack Swagger from WWE to MMA when you CLICK HERE for ESPN.com…..Hager/Swagger has been away from WWE for nearly a year now and many thought he would join Impact Wrestling, when Dutch Mantel was still employed by that company…..

Swagger/Hager, like many other wrestlers, found the travel and work-load of the WWE too much to handle and when he originally departed WWE, he said he wanted to spend more time with his family….